Friday, March 03, 2006

And the show goes on.........

Isn't it weird that it becomes very difficult to enjoy when your friends are actually going through tough times? Yes, everything may be rocking in your life. You might be in one of the best parties at the best places. But in the backdrop, you think about friends who are going through very tough phases. There is this silence in your mind even though you are amidst the boisterous crowd. Probably, the celebration seems incomplete with the thought of them being in misery.

Well, all said and done, you still cannot help smiling when you see that in the party, someone is dancing merrifully or taking faltering steps with a beer bottle or trying to catch someone else's attention in vain.:) For a moment, you forget everything else and you smile- you laugh heartily. Well......I guess that is what life is about.:))

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Viewer said...

I feel that way all the time when ever friend of mine is going through a rough patch.