Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today I had been to a grocery shop with my daughter. Of course, the terror of "H1N1" has been spreading at a rapid pace. So I have been receiving lot of advice about trying to avoid all possible public places. But somehow, I feel very guilty if I do not take Tunga on her regular trips to her favorite park. So no matter what, we usually make our evening trip to the park.

Sorry for that diversion in the topic. So both of us had been to a grocery store near the park. Because of "H1N1", now a days it is not unusual to see people in masks. I noticed a couple of kids in masks in the store. From their tone, I recognized them to be a bro and a sis duo. They had their masks on and they also wore gloves. And then, I saw their mother. The sight somewhat shocked me. The "mother" did not seem to be from a well off family. Her blouse was torn and she had draped a saree with half-faded design. Her hands were not the cleanest and her hair was ruffled. She kept checking on her kids' masks and ensured now and then that they had them on correctly. She did not have a mask or a pair of gloves herself.

No, I donno if those masks and gloves were given to those kids by the school or if she spent her savings on them. But I found the whole scenario very touching.

There were two points in that whole situation that got my attention.

- When it comes to selflessness, no one can reach the zenith of a "mother".

- The panic and the terror "H1N1" has been creating everywhere. Lot of credit for this should go to our news channels. Thank God, these channels were not there when plague was around. Else the whole of the population would have fallen sick not because of plague itself but by panic. I really wish our journalists, especially TV journalists would focus on the number of people who are getting cured and going home safe.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Come, let us go to school:)

The tiny tot slept peacefully on my hands. She fitted in there perfectly. And at that moment, I thought that time had stood still. But obviously that did not happen. Today it was her first day at play school.:)

My tiny tot turned two a couple of months ago. At that time, I managed to read an ad about a play group. When I inquired about it, I found out that it was actually a playschool and that the kids were supposed to be in the school for two and a half hours. Somehow we could not convince ourselves that Tunga was ready for it. So we decided to postpone her school life.

But as days passed, I observed her wanting to meet kids of her age. I also observed that she grew restless especially during mornings. The fact was that she was ready for the school but we parents weren't ready yet.:)

So after a lot of thinking and talking, we finally decided to put her into a playschool. And guess what? She refused to come back home on the first day of the school. :) All of us expected her to cry on leaving her in the school. Instead she waved "tata" happily while I put on a sad face.:)

It has been a week now and she has been enjoying her school life thoroughly. Glad that we took the right decision at the right time.:)