Thursday, November 27, 2008

Terrorists and Heroes

TERRORISTS- They think that they are spreading terror by targetting innocent lives. They think that they are winning the battle by spreading terror.

But do they know - what goes around comes around? Do they know that this inhumane act will cause the same terror to them and their families? Do they know that they could have been great warriors if they had fought for peace? Do they know that their lives would be meaningful if they had spread happiness and peace instead of terror? It is such a pity that they are sacrificing others' and theirs' lives for a worthless cause. It is a pity that they do not know that they are targetting themselves.

May God show them the right way to live life.


HEROES- We pay our respects to those selfless people who have lost their lives defending the innocent ones. We thank them for upholding humanity and for fighting the evil. They are the clear winners in this battle against terrorism. Salute to these people who save lives by their bravery and fight for peace. They are definitely our heroes.

May God give all the courage and hope to the families of the Mumbai police who sacrificed their lives in these terrorists attacks.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bharat Ratna for Panditji

Finally, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi gets Bharat Ratna. This 86 year old veteran might have limited his concerts now but his powerful voice will always echo in the hearts of music lovers. His music has always been appealing to the well-informed music scholars to the masses. In Karnataka, people can never forget Pandit's "Bhagayada Lakshmi Baaramma" that was and is almost played in every household. There have been numerous attempts to become another Bhimsen Joshi in vain. I don't think there would be another singer like Panditji any time. But it is a sad thing that his legacy does not have a deserving heir yet.

I have mentioned Panditji in the following post before.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thanks, dear library - 2

I felt my last post was incomplete. Hence part two.

In my last post, I mentioned about the library that I have fallen in love with. I listed out the things I liked about it. In fact, I was surprised that we could actually gain so much from a library.

Before this, I had been to libraries:

- that had a huge collection of books but were never categorized. Trust me, searching for a
book was a painful process there.

- that did not cater to people of different age groups, especially kids below five years.

- that charged a very unreasonable fee for each book taken. Sometimes, I felt that buying
the book would be cheaper than borrowing it.

- that had librarians who just did not care about the books. I always thought that books
have felt like poor orphans there.

Hence I hope you can understand my gratification for finding a good library.:)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Thanks, dear library - 1

One of the best things that I am doing right now is getting back to my dearest friends- books.:) Yes, I have been doing plenty of reading after coming to this city. And I must definitely thank the library for enabling me to do so.

Initially, when I was handed over the library card, I was not that enthusiastic. I wondered if I could ever go to the library, select books and read any of them with my toddler clinging onto me. But when I went there, I found that I was mistaken.

First of all, there is a childrens' section that not only consists of plenty of kids' books, but also a handful of toys for the kids to play with. This section creates an environment for the kids to enjoy their time in the library.

The library has a wide variety of books, ranging from fiction, non-fiction and magazines. The best part is that there is not much of limitation about the number of books that one can borrow. I should also mention the very systematic arrangement of books that makes the browsing process easier.

Hold on, that is not the end of it. The library also has dvds of english movies and serials. You can borrow four dvds at a time. Isn't that wonderful? I must say that we are making the best use of this facility.

I have been reading so many books that I have lost tracks of their titles and authors (I think I should prepare a list). I am getting introduced to so many new ones. Many a times, I find it so tough to come out of this world of books.

My daughter also has fallen in love with the colorful books. I have been borrowing books for her too. Looks like there is another bibliophile in the making.;)

I really wanna thank this library for making me get in touch with my long-lost hobby- reading. It has been a wonderful experience so far. I will try to mention the books that I am reading in my blog from now on. Maybe I can mention the movies too. Hmm, not bad at all.:)