Friday, January 28, 2005

Just a moment of peace

I am walking on the beach. I can feel the waves at my feet. I see the shells on the shore- a variety of them. I try my hands on building a sand castle, in vain. And then I walk again aimlessly on the beach. Somewhere far, I can hear a soft song being played. I can see the Sun god playing in between the clouds. There is a cool breeze murmuring something in my ears. There are very few people on the beach. They are in their own worlds, probably enjoying the moment like me. And I walk and walk. Then I sense a bit of weariness and I just drop down. I just sit and watch the sun set. I am lost , I am lost in that moment.

I open my eyes and I find myself in the autorickshaw. I can hear the blowing of the horns and the screeching of the vehicles. The auto driver is racing as if he is chasing a dacoit. I sigh....So it was a dream. It was a dream after all. But then it was a moment, a peaceful moment which I will cherish always, forever. So wht if it seemed unreal?

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Sometimes u feel that ur life is an onus. U feel that all the things in ur life are wrong and that u can never put them right. U feel that u are alone and no one understands u. U wanna listen to only sad songs and nothin else. U wonder why people smile so much???? U feel like switching off all the lights and cry in the dark. U start cribbing abt God being partial.
And then he comes with a smile, a soothing hand and lifts u up and allays ur fears, ur tensions, ur pain.All of a sudden, world seems to be the best place. U wonder y so many people are sad?U feel that ur life is just purrrfect. Just purrfect!:-)

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Big Yellow taxi

I must say that I have fallen in love with this song, "Big Yellow Taxi" by Counting crows. I believe it is an old song which was sung by Counting Crows again.( Nah, I dont wanna call it re-mix).
Now days , most of the songs which u hear mostly tell u abt how the heart broke, or how they are overprotected, or probably a description abt the singer's girlfriend/boyfriend. Plzzzzzz, gimme a break. Dont we have other important issues to think about? Dont we have better lyrics? I wonder!!!!
So in this modern era where people are busy thinkin abt themselves, I was really happy to listen to "Big Yellow Taxi" which speaks abt preserving our environment. I really think that the biggest appeal of this song is in its simplicity(both tune and lyrics). The song talks abt the cutting of trees and the artificial fertilizers as it says, They paved the paradise to put up a parkin lot(I think tht is wht is happenning at Bangalore). The gigantic trees which took years and years to grow, which provided the soothing shade so selflessly, are being cut so ruthlessly everywhere in Bangalore. Who knows, in few years, Bangalore might become concrete city instead of garden city(sighhhh).
Getting back to my song, I think the music is also good and Counting Crows and Vanessa Carlton have done a good job. I really hope that our POP singers will come out with more and more meaningful songs 'coz music is a very powerful and effective medium and it can reach even the most common man very easily. So i think it should be somewhere utilised for the betterment of humankind(Are our teen idols listening???).
So I end this blog with my favourite line from this song:
"Dont it always seem to go that u donno wht u got till its gone??"