Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I read this interesting stuff about the history of meditation in the yoga journal:

Meditation was probably discovered by protohumans in archaic times, notes Sanskrit scholar Willard Johnson, author of the meditation history Riding the Ox Home (Beacon, 1986). Johnson suggests early humans may have stumbled upon meditation shortly after they domesticated fire and began using it for central heating. Huddling close to their bonfires for warmth, they probably spent hours staring at the hypnotic flames. At some point, they would have noticed that doing so could produce an altered state of consciousness. Johnson guesses that archaic folks might have also noticed that certain plants, sexual orgasm, physical trauma, and near-death experiences produced unusual states of mind and invented meditative techniques to recreate them. Alternatively, poet and essayist Gary Snyder has speculated that meditation may have been developed by the earliest hunters. Without bows or other long-range weapons to bring down their prey, hunters might have trained themselves to quiet their minds so they could stalk wary animals.

Records of meditation as a discipline for lay people, as opposed to priests, first show up about 500 B.C. in both India and China. The first lay meditators in India came from that culture's Woodstock generation, who rebelled against the priests' monopoly over cosmic communion and created what we know as Buddhism and Hinduism. They may have been trying to replicate the soma ecstasies of India's Vedic age, just as the 1960s flower children adopted meditation as a natural high.

About 200 A.D. the Indian author Patanjali wrote his Yoga Sutra, summarizing for mass consumption the "science of yoga." He did such a thorough job that the Yoga Sutra remains the primary source on the subject today. Contrary to what many yoga students believe, his text said little about hatha yoga postures, which weren't a widespread practice at the time. He defined yoga as "the (temporary) stoppage of the waves of the mind" (Johnson's translation). The direct route to this stoppage, he wrote, is regular meditation. The asanas described in his sutras referred to meditation postures, by which Patanjali meant anything that was relaxing and stable for both body and mind.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Sometimes I wonder

why we arrive at sudden conclusions.....

why we form opinions immediately....

why we refuse to change.....

why we become so rigid.....

why we refuse to look at happiness that is inside and outside us.....

why we deny to listen to others' views......

why we wanna support the lie when we know the truth.....

why we become passive audience when something unfair happens in front of us....

why we tend to see only negativities in others.....

why we always think of pain,wrath, emptiness.....

why we are bent upon making our lives complex...........

and on a lighter note, why do we have these coalition governments who want only power and nothing less.....

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Our Kodagu trip

I am back from my short but rejuvenating vacation at Coorg. Nopes, I am not gonna write a detailed travelogue but will mention the highlights of the trip. I shall post the pictures of this trip very soon.:)

  • Our unplanned halt at Shravanabelagola- The breathtaking view and the Gomateshwara statue made up for the 650 steps ascent in the hot, scorching sun. It is definitely worth the visit.
  • Talakaveri and bhagamandala- Loved visiting the bhagandeshwara temple and talakaveri- the birth place of river kaveri. The drive to these places are very scenic and beautiful.
  • Tibetan temple and monastery at Bylakuppe- Visiting this place was an unique experience. The golden temple with giant Buddha statues has a very cheerful, colorful outlook. I felt as if I were in Tibet especially when I saw the monks, tibetan schools and the tibetan colonies at Bylakuppe. The music and the chants at the monastery and the temple altogether leave you with a memorable experience.
  • Dubaare elephant camp- The place where I enjoyed the most. There are approximately 11 elephants here; their ages ranging from 2 years to 82 years. We get an opportunity to give them a bath, feed them and also ride them. So we almost spent 2 and a half hours there. It was an amazing experience being so close to those humongous but tender creatures. It was a great merriment watching the 2 year old parashurama ( that is the name of the baby elephant) chasing a dog. It was also good fun playing in the stream and walking through it (you can take the boat if you want).
  • Chikkihole reservoir- Not a famous tourist spot. So you will find this place isolated. But it is a beautiful scenic place that is worthy a visit.
  • The greenery especially the coffee plantations that make you wanna stay there forever.:)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.
- Miriam Beard
I always like to go on holidays in our own vehicle. It definitely helps us to explore more places and also, it gives us those small liberties. So we are off for a small vacation this time. Ah! About the destination, I shall divulge the details when I come back. Shall I say that I wanna spend more time in coffee plantations? :)))))) Adios.
Has it ever happened to you that you can't get enough of a song and so you go on listening to it for days? Sometimes the song may not be very appealing to others but you have avid ears for it 'coz it was a part of your growing up phase. Or maybe that song brings lot of memories. Whatever it is, I find myself hooked to one song for days altogether. And then, I hear my neighbour playing a new song. I like it so much that I switch over to that song.:) Thus, the cycle continues.

Monday, January 23, 2006

I have never understood why innocent people are the victims of any crime or terrorism.

Jill Caroll, a journalist, was abducted in Baghdad on jan 7th. Her interpreter was killed. Since then, Jill's family and friends have been requesting for her release.

You can read the entire story here.

So what do the terrorists really achieve by such things? Why do they think that killing or torturing innocent people will help them reach their "goal"?

Isn't there a solution to this terrorism? Probably people of Kashmir have asked this question million times.

Hoping for Jill Caroll's safe comeback.
She comes running to us, with her ruffled hair and patched frock, as soon as the red light comes up. She tries getting our attention through all means. She calls out to us, tugs at my dress and holds her palm in front of me. After almost snatching the coin from me, she runs to someone else. And then the light turns green. She runs back to the footpath where her little bro waits for her. She carries him, shows off the money that she has collected and hugs him. She looks extremely euphoric.

She then looks at the traffic light, probably waiting for it to turn red again.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

As soon as you know the voice and understand what it is, the whole scene changes. The same world which was the ghastly battlefield of maya is now changed into something good and beautiful.

- Swami Vivekananda

Thank you all

I can't believe it. Time just flies by. It has been one year since I started blogging. Believe it or not, I just got to know about the concept of blogging a week before I started this blog. I liked the concept so much that I decided to go ahead with it. I was a bit hesitant about blogging 'coz this would be the first time I would be writing about my thoughts in public. But I guess I have enjoyed writing each post in this blog. And the best part is that all my posts have been very honest and straight from my heart.

Ok, now for the thank you speech.:) Thanks to friends who read this blog regularly. Thanks to friends who read and leave their comments. Thanks to friends who read without leaving any comment. Thanks to all of you for your encouragement. Thanks to all of you for listening to my thoughts, expressions and reflections.

My experiments with life and writing will continue. And I will always try to maintain diversity in my posts. Hopefully you will find a better, improved blog in this year.:)

Monday, January 16, 2006

It's the time to disco

I have always been in love with the songs of "Disco Dancer". When this film was released, I remember that its music had become a rage everywhere. I think this album has the best compositions by Bappi Lahiri. He has actually brought out the eighties' disco feel in these songs very beautifully. Be it "Krishna", "Yaad aa raha hai", "Ae Oh Aa", or "Goron ki", I think all the songs are really entertaining. I also felt that mithun's performance in those songs added a lot of zing to these songs.:) They say that some things are everlasting and ageless. For me, the music of "disco dancer" is one such thing.:)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

It was "Sankranthi- the harvest festival" on Saturday. Festivals always are times of celebration. And that is what we had on Saturday. Got to meet relatives and friends. Distributed jaggery and sugarcane to all of them. Only when I crashed on the bed at night, I realized how tired I was.:)


Every day is a new day. You never know what each day has in store for you. Lot of changes happen each day- minor or major. Many changes that happen are unpredictable. You as a person change everyday, which in fact you may never notice. For me, each day has an aura of mystery and suspense. That is why maybe I look forward to each day- good or bad 'coz I know that every day will bring new experiences, new thoughts, new feelings, new relationships, new hopes and new learning.

My future starts when I wake up every morning... Every day I find something creative to do with my life.
— Miles Davis

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Foodie tag

Thanks to Deepa for tagging me with this foodie thing. I was just thinking that if I have to go ahead with this tag ‘coz I am not supposed to be a great foodie. But then when I started working on the list, I discovered how much I really love food.:) I have listed out 25 items below. And they are not in the order of preference.

  1. Bengali sweets ( No wonder….I always try to make lot of friends in the bong community;))

  2. Masala Dosa ( Every time I went to any hotel, I would read the menu card for half an hour and then order this. This habit of mine definitely drove my friends crazy.;))

  3. Dal thadka (We call it “Thove”. I think this is most liked and most simple to make.)

  4. Pulav (I love the way my mom makes it.)

  5. Gensle ( This is an awesome speciality of my native place. A mixture of coconut, jaggery and rice flour is applied on turmeric leaves and heated. I think my granny makes them the best.)

  6. Banana buns ( Finally, I have learnt to make them like my mom.;))

  7. Gulab Jamun ( I think this is the most commonly liked sweet.)

  8. Rava Idli ( I luv the MTR rava idlis. They rock.)

  9. Pathrode ( A coastal area delicacy. I love my aunt’s pathrode.)

  10. Rasam ( This is something That I keep experimenting with different ingredients.)

  11. Curd Rice with pickles ( Deadly combination!)

  12. Vada ( Nothing like vada and sambar.)

  13. Uppittu or upma (Many people hate this for breakfast. But I think it is one of the delicious and nutritious dishes)

  14. Ragi Rotti ( The landlady of the first house in which we lived had given us this rotti. I think that was the most authentic taste of a ragi rotti.)

  15. Jolada Rotti and Brinjal curry (This is the one that they give in Kamat Yatrinivas. Amazing food.)

  16. Banana split ( I just love ice creams. But this is one of my favorites, especially the one made at Corner House.)

  17. Any fresh fruit ( I am a total fruitarian;))

  18. Mango idli ( I just love this. But the sad thing is that it is a seasonal dish.Sigh...)

  19. Jackfruit dosa (Again this is a seasonal dish. Sigh again...)

  20. Cucumber idli ( This can have sugar or jaggery in it.)

  21. Litchi Milkshake

  22. Pasta ( No one makes it like “Little Italy”.)

  23. Mango thambli ( The curd/buttermilk preparation they make at my native.)

  24. Pani puri ( Especially the ones that they make at the road side. Mom, this is not for you.;))

Lots of them could not make it to the list. Maybe I can list them out when I am tagged again. :)
It is my turn to tag others. Well, I will tag anyone and everyone who reads this post.:)
I slept very late at night and got up early in the morning yesterday. So I was deprived of sleep. But I never expected any after effects of this deprivation. And I was wrong.

When I came to work, I felt so dismantled. My eyes were burning. And it was a tough job to keep my eyes open. Whatever my colleagues discussed, everything surpassed my head. Everything and everyone looked so hazy to me. I somehow found my way back home and then slept like a log.

Today I am back to work. And trust me, my mind is so fresh and clear. And yesterday seems like a nightmare to me.

Never knew that sleep had such an effective role in my life!!:)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Save Trees


I got this in a mail today. I loved it.:)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

All about "Kyunki" "Kahin na Kahin" "Jassi" "Indian Idol" Hai

I overheard a conversation between two people yesterday. They were remorsefully talking about a man on his deathbed. If I hadn't heard the whole conversation, then I would have assumed that they were talking about a common pal. But then thankfully, at the end, they revealed that they were discussing about a character in one of the tele serials.:)

My friend was a bit worried the other day. After a little persuasion, she told me the reason for her anxiety. "Karan" was to be hanged in Kyunki. :)

My aunt feels miserable if she misses even an episode of her favourite serial.

Everyday I go home and make it a point to watch my favorite serial with my chai.:)

So I think this is "kahani ghar ghar ki". Most of the household would be hooked to our "magical box" ( nah, I am not gonna call it idiot box) to watch these serials.

These serials have a great impact on people's lives. Many a times, they become the reason of stress, considering that they are actually supposed to be destressers. People associate themselves with the characters of the serial very closely. They probably identify all actors through the characters that they enact, rather than by their real names. I don't think those actors would have got so much of recognition even if they had acted in movies. In a way, "tele stars" have a closer bondage with the mass. We laugh when they laugh; we cry when they cry; we clapperclaw the villains; we pray for the heroes when they are in trouble; amazing, isn't it?
I donno if I mentioned this earlier; KK's "yaaron" is so mesmerising. The music is very simple with minimal usage of instruments. KK's soothing voice with lot of honesty and awesome and "so real" lyrics make this song a very memorable one. It is one song that I dedicate to all my pals.
Never become frustrated when you don't get something. If you are destined to get it, then you will some day. Meanwhile you just need to move on. That is one of the lessons life has taught me.

It is just useless to complain, grieve or wail that you did not get it. The more you try to grip sand tightly, the more it slips from your hand.

In fact, I have always got the best when I expected them the least.

Why did I think of this? Well, I heard someone complaining about not getting anything in life.
Move on, my friend. Things will come to you when they have to. It is just the matter of time and fate.:)

Monday, January 09, 2006

When I think of movies, I think of entertainment. I like movies that make people smile. I like movies that celebrate life. Yes, I would definitely want a movie to be meaningful rather than one with a whole set of songs and some dialogues in between. But I would not go in for too serious movies. I am not at all a fan of "reality bites" kinda movies.

I have always thought that watching movies is an elusion from routine and harsh realities. In simple words, it is a two and half hours get away. May be that is why I never completely enjoy the "art movies". I have majorly gone into depression after watching some "serious" movies. :)) This is not to take away any credit from those excellent directors and actors. Some of them might be trying to give a message through their movies. But I personally feel that the moral of the story hits people more when it is given with a smile.:))) Maybe even Aesop felt the same and so he made the fables interesting and entertaining. :))

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Stay the same

I always ask people not to wish that they were someone else. For me, each one is special in their own way. Each one of us is unique and gifted. I can never believe that God has been unjust to any one of us here. He has created each one of us with love and care. So how can one be inferior or superior to anyone else?

But, we human beings create certain metrics with which we tend to measure others and ourselves. We look at others and grumble and mumble about not having what they are. In this process we forget our capabilities and strengths.

I do not want to sound like a philosphy guru. But I think that we should be happy with the way we are. We need to accept ourselves with our strengths and weaknesses. We need to find serenity and contentment within ourselves. Only then, we will be able to bring peace and prosperity in the outside world.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Found this very interesting:

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most

intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable

to change." - Charles Darwin

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Somehow I have never lost faith in humanity inspite of all the threats to peace and happiness on this planet. My belief in life has always been kept alive by kind, honest souls around. Help has always come to me whenever I wanted. And the best thing is that most of the help have come from people who have been total strangers to me. And I thank all those angels who are related to me by humanity and nothing less.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

A happy happenning new year

A new year. New resolutions, new plans, new aspirations, new celebrations.

Here is wishing all of you lots of happiness, peace, prosperity, courage and love in this new year.