Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Some responses of auto drivers when you tell then your destination:
- He nods his head vertically or horizontally
- He looks at you as if you were an alien and grunts a "No" with a very disgusting look
- He stops for a second, listens to you and just zooms away. ( and u stand there thinking if he did say something!!!!)
- He looks at you with pity and then demands 20 extra bucks.
- He contemplates on your destination. You grab this opportunity and immediately sit in the auto.

Well, some drivers don't even give you a chance to observe their response. They just drive by your side as if you were invisible or you didn't exist.

As I am writing this post, I can hear my colleague grumbling about the long wait for autos every morning.


Tenali said...

I have started a practice. I ask the auto guys "Sir, which place do you feel comfortable travelling to, can I accompany you if that suits my destination" :D

Life with autos is pathetic. Driving through the Traffic is horrible. Hope ELRTs come up soon.

kannan udayarajan said...

I know im being cynical,but sometimes i feel that autodrivers are the human incarnations of mosquitoes..


Madhooo said...

@tenali: I like everything about auto rides except the uncrowned kings.;)

@kannan: Hahahahahaha....that is a comparison I have never come across before.:)

Sphinx said...

I love Kannan's comparison! Next time an autowala pulls a fast one on me, i'm going to call him a mosquito and walk away :D