Thursday, September 24, 2009


Now a days, there is one thing that I really enjoy doing. And that is - watching my daughter, Tunga, eat an ice cream.:) It has been almost one year now since she discovered ice cream. Every time we go to a restaurant, she looks forward to eating it. And probably it is the only thing that she expects to eat outside.

As we enter the restaurant, she gets restless and keeps uttering "ice ceam" in her own accent. And then as the ice cream arrives, she is ready with the spoon and the bib around her. With immense concentration, she starts gulping down the ice cream. She does not respond to any of our queries as she is busy getting the spoonfuls of that delicious ice cream.

It is interesting to note that she rarely spills any of that ice cream. I feel very surprised abt that coz she is a budding eater yet.( ;) ) Usually whenever she eats anything by herself, it is such a big mess. But, in case of ice cream, it is just the opposite. I think she eats it beautifully without spilling a drop.:) Her nose and lips are smeared with ice cream and then she utters one word inaudibly " YUMMMMYYYYYYY". :) And that makes my day.:)

And by the way, if you are feeling very depressed and if there is no child at your place, just go to an ice cream parlour and watch a child relish it. It is such an YUMMY sight and if possible why don't you try to do the same?:)

Monday, September 21, 2009

To al those nameless faces

Do you remember all your classmates and friends from your primary school, high school, college days? Do you have remember all your ex-colleagues? Do you remember your neighbours who lived in your old neighbourhoods? Do you remember those people whom we came across in our journey of life all this time? And even if you do remember all of them, do you recollect all their names?

There have been many people who might not have occupied specific spaces in our lives. They might be the ones whose faces you recollect but not their names. Yet, they leave long lasting impressions on your minds somewhere.

This has happened with me many a times. I remember many faces whose small kind gestures, infectious smiles, hilarious acts, exceptional talents and unique characters have lasted in my mind forever. My java class mates, my neighbours in Tumkur, the auto grandpa, my school aayah, the nurses in the hospital, the not-so-naughty classmate- I try hard to recall all their names in vain. But yes, I do remember the faces very well. I am sure my life's journey would not be the same without those faces. I have wondered some times if I should have stayed in contact with many of them. But then, probably they were destined to be short-term visitors in my life.

If I happened to meet them in future sometime, then I am sure I would be elated. But I am not sure if all of them would remember me. Anyways, as mentioned before I am glad that they were all part of my life. I have definitely learnt something or the other from them. And I have always wanted to dedicate a post to all those faces with no names and thank them. This is it.:)

Friday, September 04, 2009

You have mail

I open my mail box eagerly to see if I have any new mail. Yep, there are many new mails in my inbox. I am ecstatic but all my exhilaration comes down when I see that those new mails are either ads or from mailing lists. Well, my inbox was not like this before. One would see plenty of mails from the huge network of friends of mine in my inbox, even though most of them were forwarded mails.:) and in turn, I would enjoy forwarding them to others.

So I sit to analyse the situation. Of course, the main change that has come about now is that I am a full-time stay-at-home mom and my whole day is centred around my kid. Obviously , I have not kept in touch with lot of my pals. And even if I am in touch with them, it is mainly through phone calls. Well, there goes my analysis. Hmmm, so I need to get in touch with all my pals and request them to flood my inbox with their mails ( ok, atleast forwards). So here I go, to begin working for the "YOU HAVE MAIL" message.:)