Tuesday, March 07, 2006

She comes to work every morning at sharp 6. She brings a torn dhothi, ties it like a cradle in the garage and puts her baby to sleep. Then she starts off her day with washing the vessels. Then she cleans the house and washes the clothes. In between, she keeps going to the garage to keep a check on her baby. She feels elated when her "Madam" gives a glass of milk for her baby. She takes out her plastic dabbas and stuffs in the leftovers that her "Madam" gives. She helps her "madam" with her cooking. She then goes to the garage, cuddles her baby, unties the cradle and then runs to the school where she works as Aaya.

Her "Madam" asks her one day about her husband. Does he do anything at all? Is he a big drunkard? Tears well in her eyes when she hears these questions. She tells her "Madam" that her husband is bed ridden. The doctor has given up hope. But she believes that he will be okay some day. She tries her best to keep him in good spirits. She is not worried that he will not be able to work anymore. She is happy as long as he is with her. She wipes her tears and says that she does not cry in front of her husband. He likes to see her strong. And more over, she has to be more stronger for her baby.



Tenali said...

A very touching illustration.

By the way "Happy Woman's day".

Madhooo said...

Thank you so much, @tenali.:)