Sunday, March 25, 2007

Few pages from the diary of a mommy to be:)

This journey started about seven months back. I was so thrilled when I got to know that I would me a mommy soon.:) Believe me, this news changed our entire world.

Before we could celebrate the news of the arrival of a new family member, I was down with severe nauseousness and tiredness. I found myself throwing up the whole day. All my activities stopped and I was almost bed ridden. At that moment, I felt so helpless. Still I tried to come to terms with the happenings around me. But my physical condition was so bad that I found myself going into depression several times. And all those times, I thought of this another life in me. I thought about the miracle that was being born in me. This helped me so much to deal with my condition. It was not easy because I had almost lost contact with the outside world. All my chit-chats with friends, my outings- everything had come to standstill. Even then, I think God gave me lots of strength to cope up with everything and go on. So finally at the end of three months, the severity of my nauseousness decreased.

I slowly started returning to my normal routine. I started enjoying the small joys of pregnancy. Today, I must say that I am absolutely delighted with all the changes that have happened and are happening in me due to that little one growing in me. What an amazing experience this is ! I am able to appreciate my mom more as I struggle with the heaviness of my ill-shapen body and shorter breaths now. :)

Some of the noteworthy changes:

-->As days pass by, I find all my clothes getting smaller and smaller for me.:) Okay, so that
gives me an excuse to buy new ones;)

--> My appetite has increased big time. And now people have almost tagged me as a foodie (
Trust me, I was never one before.;))

--> I miss our small outings and hikes. ( Will definitely make up for it once the little one is

--> I can't see my toes anymore.;)

But I must say that I have begun to enjoy all these small discomforts. Especially now, when I have started feeling those small movements ( supposed to be kicks) of the little one:)

Two and a half more months to go for the arrival of the new member. And of course, we are eagerly waiting for the day.:)

What am I listening to right now: Raag Maru Bihag by Pt.Jasraj

Thursday, March 15, 2007

To friends with unknown faces:)

There is no doubt that internet has definitely revolutionized our way of living. Why am I thinking about this all of a sudden?

Well, do you remember the concept of pen friends? Yeah, it was during those times of pen, inland letters and envelopes. The pen friendship used to be a fun concept especially because you would write to people who were unknown to you. Similar to those lines, we have net friends now. Usually chat sites or the messengers or blogs become the central stage for such friendships. You get to meet people with varied interests and diverse backgrounds. Sometimes you might also find people whom you would wanna ignore.:) But many a times, these chat friendships might turn to becoming life long friendships or relationships. We have also heard of few marriages taking place between people who met over the net.

I must say that I have been definitely fortunate to have had a small bunch of friends with unknown faces. They have been pals who have been there with me over years. They have shared their knowledge, listened to my rambles, rejoiced in my joys and lent their shoulders during times of distress. I have never met any of them till today. But they have never been strangers to me. There are times when we are immersed in our own lives and don't get time to keep in touch with each other. But it is a common knowledge that all of us are there when needed anytime.

So a hearty thank you to all of you friends with faces unknown for being there always.:))) You people always help me to retain my faith in humanity.:)

Song that I am listening to right now: LAYLA by Eric Clapton

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My connection with shlokas

It was during my school days. I was worried over something. We had grandpa visiting us then. He offered to help me. He taught me a shloka. He asked me to recite it whenever I was tensed or worried. And so I did. No, the shloka did not give me an instant solution. But it cleared my mind and I was able to think of a solution. From then on, I have been hooked to these shlokas.

For the beginners, shloka is a sanskrit verse that is recited as a prayer in Hindus. It is also very important to learn the way to recite these shlokas because they induce lot of positive vibrations around oneself. They say that these sholkas have amazing vibrations when you recite them during sunrise and sunset. The best part is that you actually feel very good even if you listen to them.

I am not very well versed in Sanskrit. Still I find that the chanting of these shlokas have a very positive effect on me. These shlokas have helped me the most during my troubled and depressing times. They have helped me attain the calmness and go ahead with life.

I usually like to attend the Poojas or Yajnas mainly because I like to hear the priests chanting the shlokas. The priests are actually taught the exact way of chanting these shlokas. So even when they recite in a group, their voices are in unison and that makes it very interesting and soothing to listen to these chants.

I know lots of people who would chant these mantras soullessly as if it were a ritual. In fact, most of the times they do it for the sake of doing it. But the real effect and the power can be felt only when you put your heart and soul in the chanting and concentrate on them. For me, they have worked wonders and I hope they will do the same for you.:))

Song that I am listening to right now: Anjaani Rahon Mein Tu Kya Doondta Phiren by Lucky Ali

Thursday, March 01, 2007


It is a lazy afternoon. I can see bored and sleepy looks around me. But I guess I am in my own world enjoying as always. Thanks to a friend of mine for introducing me to this song- Constellations by Jack Johnson. Trust me when I say this is an ideal song for a lazy afternoon or for a peaceful night when you just wanna close your eyes and relax. The beautiful sound of the strumming guitar, Jack Johnson's assuasive voice and those simple lyrics will definitely take you to a different world. The two lines that I liked the most can be connected:

To lay down underneath the stars
We drew our own constellations


Since I am so addicted to music, I am thinking of including an information in every post. I shall be mentioning the song that I will be listening to when I write each post. Sounds good, isn't it?:)))