Monday, April 19, 2010

The mind chatters!

Long time since I came here. I have been so busy amidst IPL, Tharoor, Modi, Sania- Shoaib's marriage, BBMP elections, Bombs in Bangalore, Facebook, Twitter and of course, Work.;)

On a serious note, I have been adjusting to the changes in life. Some days just buzz by and some days refuse to end. I need to still work on lot of things to bring on self improvement. Mind has been constantly chattering about worthless things. Need to bring it to a stand still, at least for few minutes in a day.:) A very difficult thing to do- I know.

Have been really missing friends a lot. Somehow, our paths don't meet and I miss all the PJs, smiles, enthusiasm and happiness that normally exists when my friends are around. Of course, new friendships occur. But donno if they will be as strong as the old ones and if I will be able to retain all of them.

The search for the purpose of life is still on. Need to find the right way to do it. Sometimes, I wonder if life will just escape between the daily routine and commitments. Will a visit to my native place show me the way? I donno.

Ah, now what did I tell you? Didn't I say that my mind chatters endlessly?:)

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Want to scale new heights....Donno where to begin.
Want to achieve new dreams....Donno how to dream
Wanna dive into the depth of the sea.......Donno how to swim
Wanna steer through the ups and the downs....Donno how to drive
Wanna bring happiness to all the hearts.....Donno how to smile....