Friday, September 22, 2006

About the real world, Steve Irwin............

Been away from the blogging world for quite some time now. After bathing in bliss in Himlayas, I found it a bit hard to get used to this routine again. Eveything seemed very unfamilar. I completely felt lost. But now, I am tracing back my steps and sadly getting into the routine.:) Welcome to the real world.:))


Sometimes mere words can cause heart aches. How we wish that we could let go off the pain which was caused by those dagger-like words!!!


Steve Irwin's death was one of the incidents that affected me. I did not watch his shows regularly. But when I watched them, his selfless love for the animals and his enthusiasm was very inspiring. In fact, I was not even aware of his last name. When my colleague informed me about his death, I did not know about which Steve was she talking about. Only when she told me that it was the croc guy, I recognized him!

My mom still grieves about his death. She is a big fan of his shows. She tells me that the sight of him crying over a dead croc was very touching.

I wonder why the best lot always disappear from this planet so early. May God give lot of strength to his family to bear this huge loss.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


The best thing that happened to me was the trip to Himalayas. No word is sufficient
for me to express the joy I felt when I was there amidst nature. My mind was
absolutely clear and all the feelings of stress and tiredness seem to have vanished.
I think there is no better healer than nature, isn't it?

People say that peace is within us and we try to search for it everywhere else.
It is true. But I think the environment definitely matters.

Himalayas is one place which can actuate spiritual feelings even in an atheist's heart.
Every minute when I was there, I marveled at God's creation. I wondered how can man ever
feel superior. We are nothing at all in front of God's other creations. No book, no movie,
no object created by man can provide the serenity that these stupefying creations in the nature can give.

Yes, there is a bit of me wandering in Himalayas. That bit of me loiters in the gushing Alaknanda, those mysterious caves, the peaceful valleys and the gigantic, towering mountains.

As I stand thinking about it, I am awakened by the honking of the cars behind me.
Yep, now I realize that I am back in my city.:) I walk on with a hope that this serenity
stays with me forever.:)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Here I Come, Himalayas- The Final Day

The guide has already told us that it is going to be completely a journey by bus today. All of us are feeling a bit depressed about the end of the trip. But then we try to cheer up ourselves by playing Antakshari. We croon hindi songs all the way. I try to get a last glimpse of the mountains and the river. I hope to get back there some time again.

We reach Rishikesh at 5:30. We take a phatphati with the gujrathi family to Haridwar. Our train is at 11:30 PM. We have plenty of time left. So they advise us to go and have a look at the famous Haridwar aarti. Thanks to their generosity; we get a room at their guest house to keep our luggage. We immediately rush to the banks of Ganga where the aarti takes place. We manage to catch up with some final moments of the ritual.

It is such a big change from the silence in the mountains to the noisy crowd in Haridwar. People flock us forcing us for donations and poojas. We somehow make our way to Chotiwala ( a famous restaurant) and have our dinner. Both of us are very weary as it has been a long, tiring day. We go to the guest house, collect our luggage and leave to the railway station. All of a sudden, all the weariness has come to me, mainly because of the heat. As soon as the train arrives, we find our seats and sleep as if we have not slept for days. Needless to say, I dream of only Himalayas.:))