Monday, May 30, 2005

The song that I came to sing remains unsung to this day.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Will it ever come true?

I wanna travel all around the world. I wanna go out of my country for some time and chk out all the other countries. Seems like an impossible dream. May never come true.:-)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Sometimes u feel that u r invisible. People just talk as if you dont exist at all. People seem to talk through you. There are times when u wanna be invisible and u find urself right there in the public glare, in the spotlight.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Dreams and Reality

Music, greenery, sea, rivers, hills, smell of the wet mud, flowers, birds, books, dancing in the rain, serene temples, this is life- dreams

Black smoke, screechin noise, mundane days, tears, frustrations, jealousy, hatred, fights, sneezing and coughs, pains and wounds, memories and plans, money and money, what is life- reality

Trying to define love.........

I have read a lot of articles and blogs about love. For me, love is not just red roses, candle nite dinners, gifts or dates. For me, love is comfort, acceptance. I feel that u start looking at love with a different perspective after marriage. In fact, love becomes a reality when u marry- it becomes a beautiful experience when u marry. I have heard people say that love vanishes after marriage. For me , love begins after marriage. It takes different forms. U feel so comfortable sleeping and snoring in his arms. U feel so relieved when u rant and rave all ur problems in front of him. U sit in ur comfort zone and paint ur nails while he reads a book. U know he worries about u when u go wrong. U know, no matter what he is always there for you. U know that he is one person with whom u can be friends with in spite of all those altercations. U feel he is purrfect even when u know his weaknesses. U know that u never have to give explanations about urself to him. U know that u can always be U in front of him. For me, all these mean love. I know that as years pass by love will become more mature, more stronger, more passionate and more enjoyable.

Friday, May 20, 2005


I was just talkin to a friend of mine today. I was telling her about how I cannot really write something until I am convinced about it. Yes, that is very true. It is not just about writing. In whtever I do, I really need to be convinced about it. Till date, I don't think I have ever done anything which I didn't believe in. It is difficult for me to follow someone blindly or just accept wht ever anyone says. I have plainly refused to do things which I didn't believe in. Sometimes I wonder if this is a negative point. Maybe this makes life tougher to live. But, who the hell cares? I would never compromise over my convictions just to make life easy. In fact, it is fun when life become more tougher and challenging. So will go on with my faith and beliefs until I am convinced to let go of them.;-))

Monday, May 02, 2005

Perfect woman

Lot of things happenning around me. Days fly by. Mom is ill again. I donno how to boost her morale again. She has always been a very strong person. I hope she regains all the strength to fight back.

Mom has always been the backbone of my life. She has always been there. She has been my biggest critic. Earning an accolade from her is almost comparable to receiving the Nobel prize. The best thing about her is her honesty. She is very true to everyone and everything. Never have I seen her lying. No matter how hard it is, she sticks to truth. Her courage to speak truth anywhere, anytime has always been very inspiring to me. No matter what, she can always look at a thing without any prejudice. Her talents, be it in music or literature, are immense. But not even once has she tried to market her skills. She prefers backstage and she has remained there always.

There are pages and pages that I can write abt Mom. Maybe everyone feels the same for their respective mothers. Maybe. But for me, she is the complete woman-the perfect woman of my life. And I wonder if I can be atleast a part of what she is.:-))