Friday, April 15, 2005

My association with hospitals

I guess my association with hospitals will never stop. Mom has been admitted to hospital again and the worst part is that she is in too much of pain. I really can't see her like this. Someone who has been active all the time, someone who has nursed u so tenderly when u were sick- well, it's hard to see such a person sick and bedridden. Sometimes I wonder if I can share a bit of her pain atleast.

The ugly side of stayin in hospital is ur interaction with doctors and nurses. All these people ( especially in this hospital) have an Arnold Schwarzennegar's expression on their faces and they act as if they are dealing with machines and not humans. Almost everyday I end up fighting up with them. Their behaviour sometimes makes me think if they ever understand how noble their profession is.

U start thinking about their numbness with people, especially ur dearest ones. Probably it is a mundane affair for them to see people in pain, to see people fighting for their lives. But still I think they can definitely afford to offer a smile atleast.

It is just not these doctor and nurses which make the visits to the hospital a dismaying experience. U get to see so much of suffering there and reality bites. U get to see those faces which are eagerly waiting to go home. Even though u donno them personally, their pain affects u somewhere. The syringes, immaculate white bed spreads, the glucose bottles, that nauseating smell, and of course how can I forget the canteen food!!!!! Gosh, i really hope that my association with hospitals doesn"t continue for a long, long time.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Rain, rain, don't go away

Nature profoundly influences me. Everything that nature does fascinates me. I believe rain is one of nature's greatest fascinations. Even though scientists say that there is a systematic process for the rain, i feel nature's, God's supremacy in rain. However rich, intelligent a man can be, he stands helplessly in front of nature, doesn't he?

Rain has its air of nostalgia. Nah, i never danced in rain or I never played in rain. Because of my sensitive health, i was never allowed to be drenched in the rain. So i was more of a spectator to this so common but beautiful event. And there I stand and listen to the rain drops, I smell the wet mud and I feel the serenity, an allaying silence. How well the other parts of nature respond to rain! Plants and trees come out with their most sparkling color and freshness. So very often we forget to enjoy these moments. Most of us screw up our faces when we hear of rain. I think farmers are the ones who enjoy rain the most. They probably feel that they have a close relationship with rain. They also understand its prominence and therefore respect it as one of the powerful forces of nature. Maybe that's why our ancestors came out with the concept of rain god.

Well, whatever it is, I love rain and I enjoy it most of the times. So I would like to sing the nursery rhyme in my way- "Rain, rain, don't go away. All the greenery wants to play. U fill my heart with so much gay. So rain, rain, don't go away.":-))))