Monday, February 26, 2007

An unimportant event:)

There is a temple and a garden next to our house. A gardener and his wife maintain the beautiful yard. Usually you can see this hardworking couple digging the land, planting new saplings or removing the weeds.

I find this family very interesting mainly because of their two year old son ( yes, I am guessing his age!). This son hangs out with his dad or mom when they are working in the garden. The gardener is an unshaven, shabby fellow. He works absentmindedly without caring for anything and anyone. I watch the father-son duo from my room's window. The son follows his dad everywhere. He has learnt to walk very recently. He toddles behind his dad, falls down on the mud, gets up immediately, and tries to catch up with his dad. He tries to cling onto his dad as he sits and digs the garden. He kisses his father and hugs him tight. Now the don't-care dad softens up a bit, pats his son and gets back to work. The son ruffles his dad's hair and snatches the spade from him. He tries his hand at digging even though the spade looks bigger than him.:) His father looks at him very proudly. He grins at his son and takes back the spade. I think that is one of the rare moments when the gardener actually smiles.

The gardener continues to work. The son clings onto his dad again and kisses him.

I look at the father-son duo lost in their own world. It is such a touching sight.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Second Happy Budday

The 2nd anniversary of this blog has silently passed away. When I look back, I did lesser writing than the first year. But I enjoyed writing those fewer posts in the second year.:)

Thanks to all you readers for all the encouragement and support. All your online and offline comments motivate me to write more and more. :)) Hopefully in the coming year, my blog will reflect all the new, enriching experiences I am gonna have.

So you people take care and keep reading.:)))

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mungaru Male

When I heard of "Mungaru Male", I was not very interested. That was because I was just back from another movie, "Kallarali Hoovagi" and my experience was not very good. So I turned a deaf ear to the praises of "Mungaru Male". But then I decided to listen to its music.

I was just mesmerised when I heard the songs, especially "Anisuthide". I heard them again and again until I decided that I had to watch the movie. So one fine day, I pulled my friend along with me to the movie. And I fell in love with this movie.:) I would rather call it a beautiful poem.From the title to the song, to the lyrics, to the amazing photography and to the simple yet touching story, it depicts a poem to me. And of course, how can I forget the rain that is there throughout the movie? After all, "Mungaru Male" means the first rains of the rainy season.

All the artists have done a great job, especially Ganesh. I never thought that he would put up such a natural performance. I think the freshness of the actors, the director, the music and the lyrics strike you when you watch the film. The story is nothing new but it has been given a very refreshing narration. And so all these factors make the movie a family entertainer.

"Mungaru Male" is going to be in my memory for a long, long time. I have been enjoying its music thoroughly. Mano Murthy has done a fabulous job in rendering some melodious numbers.

Okey-dokey, I am getting back to listening to "Anisuthide". It is a song that has been tailor-made for Sonu Nigam. I would definitely recommend that song if you are looking out for a melodious number.:))