Monday, February 27, 2006

The other day, I was discussing about a question that is often posed to us- "What is the goal of your life?"

Sure, the question sounds very simple. And most of you must be ready with answers. Well, when I posed the question to people whom I know, I got the following answers:
- To become the CEO of a company
- To earn $$$$$$$$$$$$$
- To build a palatial house
- To own the ------- car
- To build an orphanage
- To travel to many places
and the list goes on........

The best part is that when we say that we do not have any goal that is on the list, people look at us like we were idiots! But it is true. Some of the things in the list may be short-term goals. They may be some intermediate destinations in our journey of life. But how can they be your supreme destination in life? Does our life stop at these things?

I do not know about the final destination of my life. I do not know what future holds for me. I take each day as it comes. I try to give my best to each day. That is all I wanna do- I wanna "live" my life. Meanwhile, if I can bring up smiles on some faces, if I can speak some soothing words to allay others' pain, then I think my life becomes more meaningful.


Sphinx said...

And this is why I like to read your blog. It's soothing :-)

Jinguchakka said...

Why should we have a goal? Did we enter this competition of life voluntarily? ;-)
So we can refuse to join others in this rat race by not having goals and ambitions.:-)

Tenali said...

When I read those questions, tuuung hit the SHORT TERM and LONG TERM goal.
Short : To have a 10x20 house in a tree field land of 100x100.
Long : Do tapasya and go back to day when Adam & Eve eat that apple and STOP THEM ;)
Honestly still now I collect goals from around me and chose on for me :D

Vanathi said...

Enjoy life as it comes...

logic said...

Yes u r absolutely right..

"if I can bring up smiles on some faces"

Thats what u did to me now.
Thanx and yes your life is now meaningfull too.

Madhooo said...

@sphinx: Thanks.:)

@jinguchakka: Absolutely.:)

@tenali:Long term goal looks interesting.;)

@vanathi: Amen.:)