Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Path of awareness

I rarely meet people who would want to discuss about spirituality. And even if I manage to get somebody, he/she would probably speak against it and not in favour of it. And I wonder y???
:-))) That is 'coz spirituality has been such an integral part of my life that I fail to think of a life without it.

The meaning of 'spirituality' has been a topic of discussion forever. But for me, it has been the path of awareness; it has been the path of self realization. My self realization process is majorly influenced by faith in God. Whenever I have been in abysses in my life, I have always been rescued by spirituality. It has brought me back to my track everytime I lost my way. That's the reason why I find myself so immersed in spirituality whenever i feel lost or confused in life. So how does spirituality help me? What ways do I take to try to realize myself or to attain peace of mind? I read lot of spiritual books. I sing bhajans. I listen to lot of classical music. I meditate or join some meditation or yoga classes. Somehow I feel very refreshed when I carry out all these activities. They seem to add more meaning, more colors to one's life. ( Oh yes, there are lot of people who disagree with me).

I have found that many people think that they lose control over their lives by being spiritual. They feel that the power of controlling their life is transferred to someone else. Well, I feel that is a very poor understanding of spirituality. One thing I believe is that there are certain things in life which is beyond our control. So we can never be in total control of our lives. These spiritual techniques, be it meditation, yoga or bhajans, help you to excavate ur own power which is there in u, which is hidden in you. They just make you realize your strength. Certain people might also say that u get extraordinary powers from someone else by doing all these techniques. No, I don't agree with that. In fact, spirituality brings out the power, strength, potential that is hidden in you. It makes you aware of yourself. That is why I understand spirituality as the path of awareness, awareness of oneself.