Monday, March 21, 2005

Calvin the genius:-)

Ya, i am down today with viral infection. Man, fallin sick itself is so abject; above that, I am supposed to take all those medicines-sheesh!!!!!!!!!! Lying on this bed whole day makes me feel so useless. I would so much prefer sitting in the office and working hard or rather trying out a new dish. I should not lose my sanity when I am physically ill. But then the big question is how? I see people around me going through their usual routine actively and my being dormant worsens everything.

So to kill time today, I have been reading Calvin and Hobbes since morning. O man, u start loving that kid more and more as u read his comics. I really wish I can become a 6 year old again and do all those naughty things that Calvin does. Sometimes u really start envying him, his freedom, his innocence. How much ever I wanna be innocent, I can never retain the kid's innocence. Of course, how can I forget his creativity? He can just create anything out of his lunch and breakfast too. I really feel that now a days kids lose their innocence very fast. Most of times u can hear them talkin like adults and I hate that. I think kids should be kids, in fact like Calvin. Well, I would prefer a mellowed version of Calvin though.:-))) Anyways, I think in the cartoon world Calvin reigns. He is the uncrowned king, no doubt abt that. But I wonder why no movie or a cartoon serial has been made after him. I think they should come out with some movie abt Calvin. I am sure it will be a major success considering the fact that there are so many fans of calvin all aorund the world.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Health is Wealth

It's been a long time since I blogged. Last two weeks have been very hectic and nightmarish. It was an afflictive experience to watch mom and aunt in pain. I felt so helpless at that moment. I used to sit in the hospital watching mom every night. I was so scared that something would happen to her. There were times when I cried looking at her. Anyways the nightmare has come to an end now. But now I have realized the importance of health (my mom would be very happy to read this). whtever man might have- power, money, status, education- but he will be handicapped if his health fails. Somewhere in this fast paced life we tend to forget to dedicate time for ourselves, to look after ourselves. We will have to remember that only if we are healthy, we will be able to reach our goals, make our dreams come true. I used to tell my mom that she sounds like granny when she goes on lecturin me about my health. And now I am repeating her exact words:-))))
Anyways one thing is sure: Health is Wealth.