Monday, March 20, 2006

Let the tears flow

I have always wondered about why people consider tears as a sign of weakness! How can tears help in justifying if a person is courageous or not? For me, tears are ways of expressing pain or sadness. Yep, they can also convey happiness sometimes. They are forms of expression. Shedding tears is one of those impulsive reactions.

In fact, I have known people who shed tears and yet, they are known for their courage. My grandma has gone through lots of tragedies in her life. And believe me, she is the most optimistic person I have ever come across. She breaks into tears very easily. But then she believes that whatever happens is for good. She tells me that tears lighten her burden. She says that tears take away all the stress from her. In that way, she never stacks away her emotions. She feels that this could be one of the secrets of her good health.:)

Be it a man or a woman, I think shedding tears is a very natural phenomenon.

"Have a good cry, wash out your heart. If you keep it inside it'll tear you apart." -- Dr. Hook


Neema! said...

Hi Madhoo.i totally agree with you about crying...........and I am just back from visiting my granparent's place....was about to blog about that.........:-)

Sphinx said...

Very well put. Us humans are a society of stereotypes. Women cry, men shouldn't. Machoism and all that nonsense. Why should the relief be denied to men?

Madhooo said...

@neema: Thanks. I am looking forward to reading your experinces at your granparents' place. I am sure it was fun filled vacation.:)

@sphinx: Absolutely. I think our hindi heroes also have realised this. That is why they end up crying in most of the movies.;)(Karan Johar, r u listening?):)

Viewer said...

I guess its wht the society has taught us esp for boys shedding tears is sign of weakness which is totally wrong ... I always feel better after a good cry :p

Madhooo said...

@viewer: Same here. I too feel really light after a cry.;)Looks like I have taken after my grandma.;)

i-me-moi said...

Tears stain my face, but cleanse my soul, so that I may bare it to life.

Warm drops of water, they cool my heart, which burns in fires lit by myself.

What are they, but a few drops, and they you can drown in a cupful.

I shed small tears, but they take with them, burdens large that I cannot carry.

Salted tears, they even add sweetness to a moment of joy.

Few drops of water and an ocean of feeling;
human strength and human frailty, one expression, God's very own irony.

Madhooo said...

@i-me-moi: Thanks for sharing that beautiful piece here.:))