Monday, November 28, 2005

Yesterday I was watching an old movie of Rajkumar. I have always been fascinated by black and white movies, be it in hindi or kannada. Simplicity used to be such an integral part of those movies. Songs of those movies still rock. The music and the lyrics definitely had lot of intensity then. I also love the comedy in black and white movies. Narsimharaju or Johny Walker- just their appearances bring smiles on your faces. The storyline of most of the movies was very strong; maybe because they were mostly based on novels ( atleast in kannada). Nah, I am not comparing those movies with today's movies. I also enjoy the movies that are made today. But I think the black and white movies had altogether a different charm. Watching them now is a spellbinding experience for me.
Masterpieces like "Chalthi ka Naam Ghaadi" or "Sandhya Raaga" will be evergreen entertaining movies.:-)


Tenali said...

....And in that movie Rajkumar has one hand crippled. :)

I enjoy old movies rather than new ones, old ones where made for entertaining and each & every scene makes some sense. There is loooots and lots of short stories in the main movie. Now-a-days the very same movies 30mins story will be taken and dragged with un-intentional scenes and some unwanted songs and finally come out with a crap. They just look @ it as bussiness. Example: JOGI, utterly non-sense movie(no content, randomly generated scenes).

Checkout LAALI by Dinesh Baboo wonderful movies.Something which I can remember in recent times.

Film-Maker should make something takes tickles ur ribs apart or do something which makes sense. wot say?

Madhooo said...

I thought that "amruthavarshini" was also a very well-made movie. For me, it was one of the purrfect movies made in kannada.

There are some good film makers in Hindi and Kannada even today. That is why I feel that there might be some masterpieces in future too. So be on the lookout, @tenali:-))