Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I have read very few books that have been penned by Indian authors. And my impressions about them were very bad. Maybe I did not choose right books. So I was a bit skeptical when I bought "The English Teacher" by R.K.Narayan a couple of days back. This was the first R.K.Narayan book that I was reading. And, man, believe me I could not just keep the book down once I started reading it. It is a wonderful book and I have no words about R.K's writing. His writing is so simple and yet it manages to touch your heart so beautifully. All his characters don't seem fictitious but they appear so real. I must say that it had been a long time since I had relished a book like this.

Now I am all set to read all his works. Also, I want to explore books by Indian authors.

Books do have this amazing capacity to take you away from all your worries and pains, don't they?


kannan udayarajan said...


I had the same experience with R.k Narayan.The only exposure to his works that i had was the serialized version of Malgudi days which used come eons back in DD.

Everytime i hit crossword or DC,i used too see huge collections of RK books.And the i also had this 'typical Indian author Blindness' untill i got my hands on ' The Guide'...

i read the book cover to cover.

It was engrossing and far above my expectations,though not exactly an unforgettable classic.

The story does have unforgettable moments.But the most captivating point is the ability of the author to tell extraorinary tales through the lives of orinary people in ordinary places..

looking forward for more


Madhooo said...

@kannan: I am definitely gonna get my hands on "The Guide" and all other R.K's books.

Yes, wht you said is very beautiful and very true- " expressing extraordinary tales through the ordinary people". I think that is R.K's speciality.

Rajesh said...

You've said everything here. The simplicity of Mr. Narayan is what I like the most. And yes, books do have that magic attached to them, They can just take you to another place and time.

BTW first timer here, Nice place you got :)

Madhooo said...

@rajesh: Thanks a lot.:-)