Sunday, November 20, 2005

Happy Birthday to Mom and me:)

I remember how my birthday used to be such an exciting day for me during my school days. It was a day that I would look forward to throughout the year. I would wait for my parents to get me a new dress. I would flaunt that new dress in my school that day. The whole class would then sing the Happy Birthday song. And then I would distribute chocolates to all my classmates and the teachers. Mom would pack a cake for me that day for lunch. That was my big feast I relished. After going home, I would feast on Mom's home made sweets. I felt like a princess that day 'coz I got whatever I asked for, only on that day.:-)

Slowly as I grew, the celebrations decreased. And now, I have a very quiet birthday. Yes, my friends try to get me into the blowing of candles and cutting the cake culture. But then, I don't feel like celebrating my birthday in that way. Instead, I prefer giving out gifts or sponsoring a lunch for the kids in the orphanage.

But it is a very special day for me 'coz Mom and myself share our birthdays. Yep, we celebrate our birthdays on the same day.:) So definitely it is a memorable day for both of us.:-)

Happy Birthday, Mom. And yes, thanks to all my near and dear ones for all your wishes. My phone has not stopped ringing since morning.:)


Sphinx said...

Sounds perfect! Great coincidence that you and your ma share the same b'day :-)

Madhooo said...

:-) yep, it is a geat coincidence.