Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I have always been a great YOGA buff. I have studied Yoga since my childhood years. But then I never seriously pursued it. Off late, I have been practising Yoga regularly and the experience has been very fulfilling. Slowly, I am getting addicted to it. Of course, yoga reminds people about the physical aspect. But I feel that it is one of those activities that gives lot of serenity, composure and concentration. I have always believed that yoga has cure for all ailments. If possible I would wanna explore the depths of Yoga sometime. So in this pursuit, I bought "Secrets of Yoga" by Osho. I have just started reading it. It has been interesting so far. Lemme read the whole book and then talk about it.:-)

I look at people who have been dealing with tragic incidents, great personal losses and adversities. I look at their brave faces. And then I look at myself and my life. I feel ashamed at myself for brooding over small, trivial issues. I definitely get lot of courage when I look at others' lives. Well, life is a great teacher by itself, isn't it?



Shikha said...

When I was in school,i tried yoga and i loved the way my body could bend and do whatever..but now i dont get the time even for a decent workout..

Madhooo said...

Shikha: I think you should really resume it again. And then tell me about how you feel.:-)

sunrise said...

A real exercise to both body and soul is what Yoga can do for anybody. Even I'm a big fan of it but sadly never took it serious!

Madhooo said...

@sunrise: Better late than never.:-)