Saturday, November 26, 2005

The other day, I was having an interesting discussion with some of my friends about stress busters. People have different and unique ways of dealing with stress like:

  • Watching movies ( a typical bollywood movie can work great wonders;))
  • Listening to music (This came across as the most common stress buster)
  • Reading ( All bibliophiles would agree to this)
  • Gardening (A very useful stress buster, I must say. All that greenery and mechanical work should definitely get rid of any type of stress.)
  • Singing, playing any instrument (as long as our neighbours don't find it troublesome;))
  • Stitching (Hmmm....quite a rare one, atleast now a days)
  • Cooking ( Well, I think our families will be very happy if we make use of this stress buster)
  • Washing clothes and vessels (Again, the mechanical work is a sure way of beating stress)
  • Cleaning ( After that vigorous cleaning, the satisfaction that you gain is enormous)
  • Shopping ( I knew all you gals were waiting for this. I think this is a good one as long as it is not heavy for our pockets. Guys, are you listening?:))
  • Dancing (Yep, it doesn't matter even if you have left feet)
  • Yoga, Aerobic, Gyms (Amazing stress busters. And if done regularly, they are your friends for life.)
So the list goes on and on.:) And our fight against stress goes on and on.


sunrise said...

You have missed one stress buster from your list, Painting . One may not be a professional or perfect at drawing things.

Watching nature is another stress buster! kudos to ur list.

Madhooo said...

Oh, now I dont know how I could miss out on painiting and nature from my list. Thanks, @sunrise for reminding me about these 2 important things.:-)))