Friday, September 16, 2005

Some lazy notes

I usually don't like lazy days. But sometimes I do enjoy doing nothing on a holiday. No time restrictions, no schedules, no work, no commitments - these define my idea of a lazy holiday. Just stretch your legs, listen to some good music, sip a cup of tea and read a good book. But then I would not want to do this every day. I would like to work hard other days and earn this lazy holiday.:-)


Relaxation always does not have to be doing nothing. Involving yourself in some activity that you love can also mean relaxation.

Yesterday was truly a relaxing day. Went out with friends, did some bowling, had a good lunch and later went out for a movie. And the whole day, I never thought about work or family. In fact, I did not think about anything. That was very refreshing.


I have finally started doing some things that were on my to-do list for a long time. I hope to kick off more activities soon. You feel so happy when you do something that you have always longed to do. I donno how many years of life I have with me. So I wanna try to do as much as possible in this time.:-)


I always look forward to meet my Aunts ( My Mom's sisters). Their ebullience and laughter are very infectious. I also learn so much from them every time I meet them. I feel so comfortable and relaxed in their company. It is wonderful have such simple, loving and caring people in one's life.:-)


Sunil said...

Lazy days...relaxing days... i wud olso put them under the "refreshing days" category, after which i feel all energised and pumped up to beat the schedule the next day... especially when spent wid the kind of people you described. It sure makes the week a lot shorter than it really is !!

Madhooo said...

Oh, u bet!:-)