Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Have you come across people who are very, very negative about everything? And no matter what happens, they only feel sad and bad about it. Yes, I have come across such people. I try sending some positive vibrations to them. But they are so much full of negativity that they refuse to see anything else. When I watch their lives as a spectator, I feel they are lucky to have so many good things in their lives. But the irony is that they are not able to see anything good. They feel that they are the most unluckiest lot. They kvetch about everything and everyone. They are in such a deplorable state 'coz they miss out all the fun in life.

Whenever I meet such a person, I try my best to show them the beauty of life. Not that it works out every time. Still I keep trying with the hope that I might convert atleast a handful of them into optimists.:-)


Sunil said...

Aahh !!
Yuu juss wrote my thots...!!
I kinda learn frm these people abt how Not to think and be happier wid what i have !!

Madhooo said...

Yes, I do learn to be happier when I look at them.