Friday, September 23, 2005

Miss you, St.Ann's

Of late, I have been thinking about my school in Mangalore- St. Ann's. I have many beautiful memories of that place.

When I left Bangalore to Mangalore, I was very scared about the new school that I would join. My school in Bangalore was a very good one. But the school did not have a playground and there was no encouragement for the all round development of students. We were expected to study and study only. So I was a very studious student and was expecting the same atmosphere in Mangalore.

St. Ann's was not a bit of what I had anticipated. Studies, of course was the main stream. But the school ensured that all the students did something else other than studies too. There were regular sports and cultural competitions held inside and outside the school. The teachers also participated with enthusiasm. Initially I was completely lost in this environment. But gradually I started enjoying it. I fell in love with dance , music and plays. This place showed me my potential in music. I started enjoying cultural activities and became an integral part of them. In fact, this school helped me to come out of my shell. It was so much fun being a part of that school. This school taught me that study was not everything. This school taught me to love all kinds of music. On the whole, this school taught me how to enjoy life.

I am glad that I was lucky enough to find such a school. Some day I wanna go back there and thank all the people out there for changing my life in a BIG way.:-))))


Tenali said...

I reallt feel gr8 abt ur school. I always had this feelin that Boarding schools r better lace than city based schools. Cities r congested so just classroom set-u wud be possible.
I am a victim of only STUDY school. Now I am in dilemma of "HOW 2 Njoy life" :(
I feel good 4 u. @least somebody is njoyin.

Madhooo said...

I know lot of kids who are goin to scholls where they study, study and only study. And the worst part is that they have to rush to tuitions as soon as they come home. Sigh!!!!!!!!!!