Sunday, July 31, 2005

A little bit tired, but refreshed after the trip to
Pondicherry and Ooty.The best part of the trip was that we drove all the way to these places. I have always noticed that we enjoy the journey more when we take our vehicle coz then we can take some small liberties like stopping at all beautiful, untouched places, drinking chai at all the smallest dhabas that we come across and so on. We also get to experience the real feel of the place or the state in which we travel.

Pondicherry - most of the people associate it immediately with french architecture. But actually speaking, one half of the town is adorned with french buildings and the other half is just like any other town in Tamilnadu. Beaches, french windows and doors, french restaurants and lot of foreigner tourists- these are some things that u can expect to find in Pondicherry. It is a beautiful experience to walk down the lanes that have french buildings.

Ooty- hill station and once upon a time a favourite haunt for the newly wed couple:-))( Now, Munnar has replaced Ooty for the favourite honeymoon spot). The weather at Ooty was beautiful. There was a light drizzle throughout and one came across all sorts of mist, fog and so on. Tea gardens, green-clad towering mountains, sweaters and shawls, hair pin bends and heaters in your rooms- some things that u can find in Ooty. On the whole it is a place with lots and lots of greenery around. Any nature freak will fall in love with the place. (except that you will find that u and ur sweater are inseparable in that place:-)))

When we were on the way back home and when I thought that the vacation was over, we had the best experience of the holiday. Near Bandipur, there was this wild elephant grazing at the road side. We just stopped the car next to it. Initially I was petrified thinking about the "wild" part of it but then the next moment I was awed by its majestic presence. I managed to take a snap of this royal creature. Indeed, it was a memorable experience.

The experiences one gains during travelling are very enriching. U get to see and learn so much. For me , each trip brings out various facets of life. It breaks down all the barriers, frees one's mind and makes u realize that life is so beautiful, so worth living.:-))


i-me-moi said...

Amen !! :-)You don't just see the new place, you also end up seeing yourself in a different way.

Madhooo said...

I completely agree, sprechen.:-)