Monday, July 18, 2005

How much ever the technology may advance, my faith in pen and paper will always be strong. Nothing can beat pen and paper when it comes to:
1) love letters ( preserving them in your voluminous books and then taking a look at them whenever u have fits of nostalgia)
2) hate mail ( most of the times, these letters probably never reach the person to whom u had addressed)
3) resignation letters ( U always think that u have the luxury of throwing these letters on your boss's table and say,"That's it. I had enough of u."-filmi style)
4) diaries ( A place where u can rave and rant about anything and everything- I think it is a place where ur writing bourgeons)

So no matter what, I shall stick to my pen and paper even if I hear distant shouts of me being old fashioned.:-)))))

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