Thursday, July 14, 2005

The other day we had gone to a friend's house. He is this American Desi who is here with his family on a vacation. During the chit-chat, he started telling us about the social work he and his wife were doing at US. He said that they would occasionally go in groups and serve food to the downtown people. He said that their condition was really bad and they were in need of help.

As I sat listening to this, I must say I was dumbfounded. As he described the conditions of the downtown people, I felt that they were in much, much better condition than the people here who stay in slums. The slum people here, most of the times, are not able to satisfy their basic needs. They are in such a pathetic condition. I found it extremely funny that these American Desis are so blind to the happennings over here and extra-sensitive to whatever they see in US. They could have done atleast a bit of service in the land where they were born. They could have atleast offered their services to people who needed the most. Is it that they are trying to prove that they are loyal US citizens? Or is that they feel that people out here do not need any help from them?

I have lot of NRI friends. I am not at all against them. It is their lives and they can live however , wherever they want. But I sympathize with people who really donno what they want from their lives and who donno what to do with their lives. And maybe they live under a false impression all through. And finally , a day will come and realisation will dawn on them. I hope it wont be too late by then.......

:-) Okies, that was some harsh criticism. Some things provoke me to go for it. And honestly, I dont like to be criticial about anyone 'coz I know all of them have their own lives and they lead them in their own ways. But then observations are always made and what better place than this blog to register those observations!


i-me-moi said...

Misery and deprivation are all relative. The poor people in India are much better off than the people in Somalia, and I am not even talking about the poor people there. So what does one do? a. We could pack our bags and leave for Africa. b. We could stay where we are and do our best to improve lives there.

I know the loyalty bit to one's motherland plays on our minds every once in a while, but the only corner of the Universe you can truly change while not cribbing about how far you go to change it, is your own corner. Literally. Cheers.

Hang in there samaritan!!

Madhooo said...

Hey sprechen,

Thanks for the comments. I just feel that it is always better to clean up your house first and then pay attention to cleaning up your neighbourhood.

Maybe we can think about Somalia once we ensure that poverty has been completely eliminated from India.;-)

i-me-moi said...

So your desi friends in the states are doing a great job on their neighbourhoods na?

Madhooo said...

Ya, without cleaning up their house in India;-)

i-me-moi said...