Tuesday, August 02, 2005


What is Ego?

I got some of the following definitions from the Web:
  • In yoga, the limited sense of "I" that is identified with the body, mind, and senses; sometimes described as "the veil of suffering."
  • The mistaken notion of "I", a separate self, from which all confusion and suffering arises.
  • The self, especially as distinct from the world and other selves.
  • Appropriate pride in oneself; self-esteem.
Well, I just wanted to understand this word that has been the root of most of the problems, troubles or hassles everywhere. Even though one of the definitions say that ego is self esteem, this word is mostly used in a very negative way. It is normally referred to as "I". So is ego a weakness? Or is it one's strength?

"I" is a very complicated concept. Too much of "I" have led to wars and destructions. But then I think it is very, very rare that you find someone with no "I" at all. The measure of "I" will definitely differ from one individual to another. So is it really bad to have this "I"? From spiritual perspective, only when "I" is NIL, one can achieve moksha.

Anyways, I shall keep researching on this "ego" until I find a satisfactory answer.

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Sphinx said...

The stench of the trail of Ego in our History. It is ego - ego, the fountain cry, origin, sole source of war. ~George Meredith