Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I am soooooo happy today. And the reason for me being sooo happy today is that I stumbled upon something that I have been searching like crazy. I have been a member of a spiritual mailing list but I rarely look into those mails. But today for a change, I thought I will have a look at some of the mails. And as I was going through, I saw this thing. I could not believe my luck and I was almost jumping with joy. Yep, I found the recordings of Swami Vivekananda's speeches at Chicago. That was something I never thought I would find.

Right from my childhood, I have been influenced by Gurudev ( that is how I call Swami Vivekananda). His determination, courage, selfless service- they have always inspired me. I have read all his writings and speeches and man, aren't they amazing? In such a short span ( 1863-1902), he achieved so much. He was so passionate about his motherland. He was so anxious to strengthen this land. I have wondered many a times if another Vivekananda will ever come into being.

I was astounded when I heard the recordings of his speeches. His english is impeccable and his voice is such that it wakes you up from your slumber. So effortlessly he has rendered the speeches! One cannot help noticing the courage and the confidence that comes across his speeches. How I really wish that our politicians, who are so busy with the power game, could take a leaf out of Gurudev's life!!!!!!!!!(Ok, I know I am hopelessly optimistic:-))


Meera said...

I would love to hear the recordings.Can you please share the source with me?

Sphinx said...

I've always found Vivekanada very logical, feet-on-the-ground, and interesting. Would love to hear the recording too.