Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Our temples

There are so many temples here. Every street, you can find atleast two temples. Most of them have been constructed recently; some of them came up coz some people wanted money; some came up coz some people did not know what to do with their money!! Frankly speaking, even though these temples are very well adorned, I never experience any devotion there.

I love secluded, ancient temples. These are the temples where I really feel the presence of God. I sit in front of God's idol and close my eyes. That is a moment when I am in absolute peace. Nothing disturbs me at that moment. There is total silence around me and within me then. Therefore I love going to such temples often.

Some of the ancient temples that I have seen are in a very bad shape. They do not have the glitter of the modern temples and hence do not attract much of attention. People who work there are also not well paid. But still I have seen so many dedicated people who work there loyally without expecting anything in return. Maybe they too feel the presence of God there.

I feel that we should pay more attention towards such temples becaue they represent history, heritage and culture. Instead of constructing more and more temples, we should take care of what we have and protect them. May the future generations be privileged to enjoy the beauty and peace of these historical places.


Meera said...

In this age, where 8 out of 10 people that I have come across are athiests, I really don't believe that your wish will come true, even though I too feel the same!!

Madhooo said...

So maybe 2 out of those 10 people will start working towards fulfilling my wish;-)