Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May their souls rest in peace

Pramod Mahajan surrendered to death after a long battle. I was not an ardent admirer of Pramod Mahajan but still felt sad because of the way he met the end. As long as I have seen, he had always been a sort of PRO for BJP. I heard him in some debates and found him a good speaker. Definitely he did not deserve this kind of death, that too from his own sibling!
Well, sometimes one wonders how far the negative feelings can take us? Man's biggest enemy is man himself, isn't it?


By the time we could condole Suryanaraya's death, the issue of his bigamy came up. It is sad that his family got to know about his second marriage after his death. And the worst part was that his first wife tried to commit suicide. Rather than grieving over his death, I thought people were actually fighting for rights over his dead body there!!!!!

Coming to the main issue, terrorism seems to have found its path through kidnapping, threatening to kill if the demands are met and then anyways going ahead with beheading. I wonder where they have got this idea that they will meet their goal by committing such inhumane crimes!!

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