Saturday, May 27, 2006

Notes from Belmont-2

New place, new faces, new setup, new country- many people expected us to experience a culture shock. But it did not happen to us. In fact, we thought that we saw lot of similarities between Bangalore and this place. But few major differences that stood out were:

- TRAFFIC!!!! People here stick to the traffic rules and the lane system ( Hallo, are my fellow Bangaloreans listening??). They stop at the STOP sign (!!!!!). They stop when the pedestrians cross the street!!!! And of course, they stop at a red light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- ISOLATED ROADS! I am so used to the hustle-bustle of Bangalore. I am so used to looking at the overcrowded streets. So I found it a little strange to see the isolated roads or places here. And this roaring silence made me realize that I definitely love my noisy, lively Bangalore.:)

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