Saturday, May 27, 2006

Notes from Belmont-3

The first place that we went for sight seeing was FILOLI. This stands for "Fight for a just cause; Love your fellow man; Live a good life.” Filoli Center consists of a huge mansion and acres and acres of beautiful garden. This place is almost 91 years old. I must say that the garden was one of the best scenic places I have ever seen. And the noteworthy point is that it is so well maintained. The tour was more interesting because of the spicy, peppered descriptions given by Charolotte ( our guide).:)


The sky looked quite clear on Saturday. And so we decided that the day was ideal to visit the Napa valley. The drive to Napa valley itself was so beautiful. The places were strewn with vineyards and lovely, colorful roses. We went to two wineries: Domaine Chandon and Artesa. The tour at Domaine Chandon mainly focussed on the process of wine making. But Artesa was the treasure house of nature. The scenery was absolutely amazing. I was so lost in this beauty that I misplaced my camera here. Nopes, I could not get it back. I realized that I had lost the camera only when we reached Golden Gate and by then, it was too late.

For two days, I felt very miserable and depressed. I had captured so many beautiful pictures and I had bought the camera for this trip. I tried calling up people, posting messages on the Net about the camera and various other things to get it back in vain. Well, I guess this was the only downcast incident of my whole trip.:(

On Tuesday, our director took us to this whirlwind trip of San Francisco. I must say that we enjoyed this part- thanks to our director who knew every nook and corner of the city. We went to the beach, the windmill, Salsalito ( Houses are very stunning here), Fisherman's wharf ( Loved the view of Alcatraz Island and sea lions), and Pier 39 and China town ( Shopping paradise).

We went to Stanford University yesterday. We had a guided tour there and the guide was a student of the university. The architecture of the buildings are very appealing and the campus is so beautiful. It was a great experience to take a walk in one of the reputed universities.:)

Right now, I am enjoying my stay at my aunt's place at Cupertino. I am relishing the companionship of my seven year old little sister ( She is standing next to me and asking me to change the "cousin" part to "sister":)))). I must honestly say that I am learning lots from her.:))))

So now I will bid adieu and I will keep posting updates on this trip. :))))

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Sphinx said...

Dont worry about the camera. The most important thing, and I know you know it, is to have fun :-)