Thursday, May 04, 2006

Which song am I hooked to now??:)

It is "Chand Sifarish" from Fanaa. I heard it first on my bro's comp. When I heard it, i thought that Rahman was the music director. But then I got to know that Jatin-Lait had composed music for this film. But I donno why I still get the Rahman feel in this song.:) This has been sung by Shaan and Kailash Kher and believe me, they have done a very good job (especially shaan- this is one of his best songs). I donno about the rest of the songs of Fanaa. Yep, I need to listen to them before buying the CD.:)


Sunil said...

an Off Topic comment...

Why have yuu stopped having "Titles" to your blogs ?? When you look back at the "previous Posts", all the posts look similar, and a title is like Indexing.

Coming to Fanaa, "Chaand Sifarish" is the only song i liked in this Movie Album.

kart said...

Hi Madhoo,
Is this who I think it is? Are you still with Dell? What's up?

Tenali said...

The moment I knew Director was Kunal Kholi. I had doubts it should be Jatin-Lalit. In some songs there is a HUM-TUM humms.

3Songs are good. There is a tongue twister one, well composed song.

By the way,
Fanaa - means to "get destroyed" (my research)

Madhooo said...

@sunil: That is a good suggestion about titles. Thanks.:)) Most of the times, i write impulsively so I never think of organizing them or framing them. And many a times, it becomes a little tough to give titles to some random, dangling thoughts.;)

@kart: Hey buddy, you guessed it right. How are you doing? How is Shweta? Will mail you soon.:)

@tenali: Thanks for that trivia about Fanaa.:) The theme sounds interesting.