Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Thank you all

I can't believe it. Time just flies by. It has been one year since I started blogging. Believe it or not, I just got to know about the concept of blogging a week before I started this blog. I liked the concept so much that I decided to go ahead with it. I was a bit hesitant about blogging 'coz this would be the first time I would be writing about my thoughts in public. But I guess I have enjoyed writing each post in this blog. And the best part is that all my posts have been very honest and straight from my heart.

Ok, now for the thank you speech.:) Thanks to friends who read this blog regularly. Thanks to friends who read and leave their comments. Thanks to friends who read without leaving any comment. Thanks to all of you for your encouragement. Thanks to all of you for listening to my thoughts, expressions and reflections.

My experiments with life and writing will continue. And I will always try to maintain diversity in my posts. Hopefully you will find a better, improved blog in this year.:)


maachu said...

Great job... u used to eat my head at home also... now u r not at home and still u continue to eat my head by makin me check this blog.... was just joking.. keep up the good work... missin u eat my head at home... ur bro maachu

Tenali said...

ARe you cutting a cake (party) on this first birthday of ur blog??
Send a pie to me as well

Sunil said...

Yay Yay !!
This was a perfect speech after the announcement goes like, "And here is to the very honest Blogger of the year award, please welcome Madhoo !!!"

keep up the gud work, gurl !!

Synchronicity Evangelist said...

I like the new look :)

Madhooo said...

@maachu: Thks, bro. About eating your head, don't worry about it. That is something I love to do.;))

@tenali: Actually I don't cut cakes for my birthdays too.:)).

@sunil: Hahahaha...I like that announcement.;)

Thank you, guys.

Madhooo said...

Thks, @full of love.:))

Viewer said...

Happy blogging aniversary :)

Madhooo said...

Thankoo so much, @viewer.:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations keep Going , Do well what ever you do, The life goes like this always, Unexpected, Curiosity, love, fear, worries, Happiness....It is accomplishment of all. Reflect them in your mirror and do the justice for the life. Kabhi idhar , Kabhi udhar.... Kabhi khushi, Khabhi Ghum.... But we all exist here now so enjoy there to be there