Sunday, January 29, 2006

Our Kodagu trip

I am back from my short but rejuvenating vacation at Coorg. Nopes, I am not gonna write a detailed travelogue but will mention the highlights of the trip. I shall post the pictures of this trip very soon.:)

  • Our unplanned halt at Shravanabelagola- The breathtaking view and the Gomateshwara statue made up for the 650 steps ascent in the hot, scorching sun. It is definitely worth the visit.
  • Talakaveri and bhagamandala- Loved visiting the bhagandeshwara temple and talakaveri- the birth place of river kaveri. The drive to these places are very scenic and beautiful.
  • Tibetan temple and monastery at Bylakuppe- Visiting this place was an unique experience. The golden temple with giant Buddha statues has a very cheerful, colorful outlook. I felt as if I were in Tibet especially when I saw the monks, tibetan schools and the tibetan colonies at Bylakuppe. The music and the chants at the monastery and the temple altogether leave you with a memorable experience.
  • Dubaare elephant camp- The place where I enjoyed the most. There are approximately 11 elephants here; their ages ranging from 2 years to 82 years. We get an opportunity to give them a bath, feed them and also ride them. So we almost spent 2 and a half hours there. It was an amazing experience being so close to those humongous but tender creatures. It was a great merriment watching the 2 year old parashurama ( that is the name of the baby elephant) chasing a dog. It was also good fun playing in the stream and walking through it (you can take the boat if you want).
  • Chikkihole reservoir- Not a famous tourist spot. So you will find this place isolated. But it is a beautiful scenic place that is worthy a visit.
  • The greenery especially the coffee plantations that make you wanna stay there forever.:)


Synchronicity Evangelist said...

wow, i want to go to coorg.

Sunil said...

Yepp !!
Have been to all the placces yuu have mentioned here... except for Chikkihole... ( i juss put it on my "must see" list !! )

yuu olways come up with "interesting" places that are not all that frequented.. and these are the kind of places i'd really love to go !!

Keep up the "exploring" and "discovering" new places !!

Sphinx said...

Right now, I'm burning of jealousy ;-)

Jokes apart, looks like you had a great time. I'm adding these places to the list, in case us lazybones make any plans, sometime :-)

I especially loved the elephant bit of your post :D I love these cuties :D

sunrise said...

seems like you had a very nice time with some of the finest n nicest things of nature.

probably one day I shall visit all those places posted on ur blog! really a rejuvenating trip :-).

Madhooo said...

@full of love, @sphinx, @sunrise: You should definitely vist coorg sometime soon.:)

Calvin: It's a magical world, Hobbes, Ol' Buddy . . . let's go exploring!:))

Smitha Pattil said...

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