Thursday, January 12, 2006

Foodie tag

Thanks to Deepa for tagging me with this foodie thing. I was just thinking that if I have to go ahead with this tag ‘coz I am not supposed to be a great foodie. But then when I started working on the list, I discovered how much I really love food.:) I have listed out 25 items below. And they are not in the order of preference.

  1. Bengali sweets ( No wonder….I always try to make lot of friends in the bong community;))

  2. Masala Dosa ( Every time I went to any hotel, I would read the menu card for half an hour and then order this. This habit of mine definitely drove my friends crazy.;))

  3. Dal thadka (We call it “Thove”. I think this is most liked and most simple to make.)

  4. Pulav (I love the way my mom makes it.)

  5. Gensle ( This is an awesome speciality of my native place. A mixture of coconut, jaggery and rice flour is applied on turmeric leaves and heated. I think my granny makes them the best.)

  6. Banana buns ( Finally, I have learnt to make them like my mom.;))

  7. Gulab Jamun ( I think this is the most commonly liked sweet.)

  8. Rava Idli ( I luv the MTR rava idlis. They rock.)

  9. Pathrode ( A coastal area delicacy. I love my aunt’s pathrode.)

  10. Rasam ( This is something That I keep experimenting with different ingredients.)

  11. Curd Rice with pickles ( Deadly combination!)

  12. Vada ( Nothing like vada and sambar.)

  13. Uppittu or upma (Many people hate this for breakfast. But I think it is one of the delicious and nutritious dishes)

  14. Ragi Rotti ( The landlady of the first house in which we lived had given us this rotti. I think that was the most authentic taste of a ragi rotti.)

  15. Jolada Rotti and Brinjal curry (This is the one that they give in Kamat Yatrinivas. Amazing food.)

  16. Banana split ( I just love ice creams. But this is one of my favorites, especially the one made at Corner House.)

  17. Any fresh fruit ( I am a total fruitarian;))

  18. Mango idli ( I just love this. But the sad thing is that it is a seasonal dish.Sigh...)

  19. Jackfruit dosa (Again this is a seasonal dish. Sigh again...)

  20. Cucumber idli ( This can have sugar or jaggery in it.)

  21. Litchi Milkshake

  22. Pasta ( No one makes it like “Little Italy”.)

  23. Mango thambli ( The curd/buttermilk preparation they make at my native.)

  24. Pani puri ( Especially the ones that they make at the road side. Mom, this is not for you.;))

Lots of them could not make it to the list. Maybe I can list them out when I am tagged again. :)
It is my turn to tag others. Well, I will tag anyone and everyone who reads this post.:)


Sphinx said...

This comment is not because I want to be tagged :D

I dont see much of north Indian cuisine...

Madhooo said...

:) I guess I am more inclined towards the veg cuisine of north kanara.;)

Tenali said...

There is a typo RAVI IDLI :)).
This is the one I recognised, some of them I haven't heard of so...

Gensle - Is this "Kai obaathu (holige)" ?

By looking @ the places 2 fetch these, looks like u stay around MG Rd.

Madhooo said...

Oooppss...thanks for showing me the typo, @tenali.:))

gensle: On a turmeric leaf, the paste of rice flour is applied and then over that the mixture of coconut and jaggery is applied. And then u keep them in pots or pressure cooker and heat them. That is "gensle". No, it is not kai obattu.

i-me-moi said...

i want gensle and i want banana buns and i want cucumber idli. you owe me this especially because aareangadi hasn't happened ... x-(

Madhooo said...

:) Done, @i-me-moi