Thursday, January 05, 2006

Stay the same

I always ask people not to wish that they were someone else. For me, each one is special in their own way. Each one of us is unique and gifted. I can never believe that God has been unjust to any one of us here. He has created each one of us with love and care. So how can one be inferior or superior to anyone else?

But, we human beings create certain metrics with which we tend to measure others and ourselves. We look at others and grumble and mumble about not having what they are. In this process we forget our capabilities and strengths.

I do not want to sound like a philosphy guru. But I think that we should be happy with the way we are. We need to accept ourselves with our strengths and weaknesses. We need to find serenity and contentment within ourselves. Only then, we will be able to bring peace and prosperity in the outside world.


Synchronicity Evangelist said...

So true...

sri said...

very good one and highly applicable to me in the current situation.

sunrise said...

good post madhooo, but how many ppl around us think on the same lines?

Sunil said...

"Stay the same"... I would rather suggest, thats NOT the way to be !!
nobody is perfect, and nobody shud just "stay the same" and instead, try to better oneself in wotever ways possible.

Life is all about being a better person today than you were yesterday.

I believe, "trying to be someone else" is a crime !! Its all about taking the best of "someone else" and make oneself better !! I Bet, the someone else is luking up to yuu and thinking the same in some aspect or the other !!

Madhooo said...

@sunil: When I wrote "Stay the same", I meant that we should be what we are and not change ourselves to try becoming someone else. Yes, we need to work on ouselves. But then the base remains the same, right? The foundation does not change. The essence of a person does not change. Well, that is my viewpoint.:))

@sanguine, @sunrise, @sri: Thanks.