Tuesday, January 10, 2006

All about "Kyunki" "Kahin na Kahin" "Jassi" "Indian Idol" Hai

I overheard a conversation between two people yesterday. They were remorsefully talking about a man on his deathbed. If I hadn't heard the whole conversation, then I would have assumed that they were talking about a common pal. But then thankfully, at the end, they revealed that they were discussing about a character in one of the tele serials.:)

My friend was a bit worried the other day. After a little persuasion, she told me the reason for her anxiety. "Karan" was to be hanged in Kyunki. :)

My aunt feels miserable if she misses even an episode of her favourite serial.

Everyday I go home and make it a point to watch my favorite serial with my chai.:)

So I think this is "kahani ghar ghar ki". Most of the household would be hooked to our "magical box" ( nah, I am not gonna call it idiot box) to watch these serials.

These serials have a great impact on people's lives. Many a times, they become the reason of stress, considering that they are actually supposed to be destressers. People associate themselves with the characters of the serial very closely. They probably identify all actors through the characters that they enact, rather than by their real names. I don't think those actors would have got so much of recognition even if they had acted in movies. In a way, "tele stars" have a closer bondage with the mass. We laugh when they laugh; we cry when they cry; we clapperclaw the villains; we pray for the heroes when they are in trouble; amazing, isn't it?


Kapil said...

That's a first. Never seen someone come out so loud and say NO these serials are good entertainment and yes I WAtch them.

Good to read your thoughts. Also thanks for dropping at my blog.

Sphinx said...

most interesting pov :D Works for me if you can differentiate between reality and TV-reality :-)

But, I still think that kids in every household should be kept away from them because i dont want them to grow on stereotypical lines of one-dimensional characters that are portrayed. We adults, to an extent, can differentiate between reality and fiction; kids cannot :-) More than that I want them to go out and PLAY and not sit at home and grow obese :-)

Madhooo said...

@kapil: Thanks for dropping by. Lot of people watch them even though they may detest these serials in public.;)

@sphinx: I agree with you. But now a days, I see that kids are not hooked to TV. But they are becoming computer game addicts. And because of this, they lose out a lot on their childhood.:(

sunrise said...

Best way to get out from the TV serial nuisance: don't take a cable connection instead do some exercise for the body!

RAHUL said...

Hey madhooo, best joke is some people everyday see it like a mad & than next day come in train & say what a bad serial it is? It creates bad impression of females etc etc & every night go to home & see that serial again & again next morning cry among others I don’t know why?