Monday, January 23, 2006

I have never understood why innocent people are the victims of any crime or terrorism.

Jill Caroll, a journalist, was abducted in Baghdad on jan 7th. Her interpreter was killed. Since then, Jill's family and friends have been requesting for her release.

You can read the entire story here.

So what do the terrorists really achieve by such things? Why do they think that killing or torturing innocent people will help them reach their "goal"?

Isn't there a solution to this terrorism? Probably people of Kashmir have asked this question million times.

Hoping for Jill Caroll's safe comeback.


RAHUL said...

thats why they r called terrorist. & not freedom fighter like we have in india against british empire.

ME said...

They manage to grab a lot of attention to their cause and themsleves. That's the idea.

Viewer said...

Well the world produces such jerks so they could get kicked big time later on in their lives eg : Saddam

Madhooo said...

I really wish that we can get rid of this malevolent "terrorism" soon.

Synchronicity Evangelist said...

What do you think, life is a three-hour film?

Madhooo said...


jedi said...

well. when u see ur family who had nothing to do with anything being killed left right and center, u kinda lose any sense of innoncent and vindictive.
its like when u see a bad cop/politician, and we call all as bastards etc. these are for 'small' things. losing family isnt.

now think about 'innoncent'.
plus with our media, we get to see only one very biased side of the story.
at the end of the day, its a matter of perspective and ideology.

in the mahabharatha, only 2+the dog get to heaven; yudi and duryodhan. all a matter of conviction.

its like our freedom struggle and the revolutionaries. dhamaka chahiye.

Madhooo said...

@jedi: I agree that it is a matter of conviction. But that does not give me any right to kill someone or torture someone. And the terrorism that is going on cannot be compared to freedom struggle and revolutionaries. Our freedom fighters fought for a cause and they never tortured or killed any of the civilians.

Imagine a bomb blast happens in a market and people die- people who are bothered about their basic necssities;people who have never harmed anyone in their lives. They are the innocent ones.

Terrorism is a fatal malady of our society, of this peaceful planet. And I think there can be no justification for this malady.