Sunday, June 19, 2005

My tennis icon

Pete Sampras Posted by Hello

Yesterday, I was watching Autobiography on History channel. It was about Pete Sampras this time. Believe me, it was only then I realized how much I miss seeing him play tennis!

I have always been a great fan of Sampras. My friends would all be surprised looking at my loyalty towards Sampras 'coz it was the Agassi era then and no girl could ever think of anyone other than Agassi. They all wondered about what I found in Sampras and why was I a great fan of his.

For me, Sampras was a synonym for tennis. He seemed to be such a shy person off field. He stayed away from the glamour of tennis and never became a style icon. But on field, he was unbeatable. He became so involved in the game and never paid attention to anything else. The other thing I like about Sampras is that he never showed any emotions on field. You could never make out if he won or lost the game. He remained the same always. I thought that he was a very very well balanced person on field. and above all, he has been one of the best players I have seen. Who can ever forget his powerful serves!

When I heard the news of his retirement from tennis, I almost lost interest in the game of tennis. Yesterday after a long time, I got to see him on Autobiography. I felt that it was a great honor for him to be on that show and that it was very well deserved. After all, he is Pete Sampras and he has always been a winner.

Sometimes u want to talk so much about the people whom u admire. But when you start talking, u find that words are not enough to express your thoughts about your icon. That is what happened when I started writing about Sampras. :-)

One of the main intentions in blogging is that I wanna write about all my icons, about people who were so far but yet inspired me to live. This is my way of offering tribute to them.:-)

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