Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Man does not like "Change". He resists it. He feels very insecure when there is "Change". He does not like to go out of the comfort zone he has created for years and years. "Change" seems like the biggest foe he ever had. He fights back, wails, and does whatever he can to avoid "Change". His mind just does not accept "Change".

But then "Change" happens. "Change" is inevitable. "Change" is needed to bring more life into one's life. Man understands this later and then moves ahead with "Change". "Change" gradually becomes his pal. And again man starts settling down. And again after some time, "Change" appears. And again, man starts resisting it.:-)

Man likes it or not, "Change" is an integral part of his life. So it is better to flow with "Change" rather than swimming against it. U never know, this "Change" might open up a new door, a new opportunity.

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