Friday, June 03, 2005

Having the courage to smile

I have always experimented with my hair. I just go to the parlour one fine day and I ask the beautician to gimme any new cut. Every time I get a new hair cut, it is fun to watch people 's reactions. I have to answer a lot of questions like:
"Why the hell did u get a hair cut?", "What came over you to get a hair cut like this?","How can you ever experiment with your hair like this?", "Which idiot gave you such a hair cut?", and so on. :-) There are also some people who come up with kind things like " are looking a bit smarter now", "the haircut suits you", and so on. Sometimes I fail to understand about why my experimentations on my hair provokes so many reactions from others. Initially I used to find it tough when people just censured you right in front of everyone. But now the comments don't affect me. I continue my experimentation regardless of comments and compliments. In fact, I love it when a person walks upto me and says " This haircut makes you look like an alien" and then I look straight into the eyes of that person and smile- smile benevolently at that person. And believe me, this needs courage. Lots of courage.:-)
I have always welcomed new things , new experiments in others' lives. All that matters to me is that if they are happy with their experimentations. That is why I am puzzled at people's reactions to my experimentations. But then I am grateful to them 'coz they teach me to build up courage, courage to smile at their criticisms, courage to smile sweetly and hug them and listen to them shouting at me " Madhu, what is wronggggggggg with you?". Hehehehe

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