Monday, June 20, 2005

For all mommy's girls:-)

I have been missing Mom's cooking for a while now. She is gradually recovering and I bet that she is waiting to be back full-time in her kitchen.

I think girls start missing their moms' cooking after marriage. That is when you realise the value of your mom, especially her cooking. Till marriage occurs, many a times you never even acknowledge her dishes. You just have them in a hurry, or absentmindedly watching the television. But after marriage, u really start relishing them and wondering when you could possibly cook like that.;-)

Of all the dishes, my mom's mango idlis have been very famous. I remember that we used to wait so eagerly for the summer 'coz it was the mangoes' season. Then throughout the season, we would devour mango idlis every possible day. My dad's colleagues would demand more and more idlis from Mom.

I also miss Mom's pulao. I always feel that the hotels should pick up the recipe for pulao from Mom. Anyways, I am avidly waiting for Mom to start cooking. Ok, ok, I agree that I am Mom's girl and I aspire to be like her sometime-maybe atleast a part of what she is today.:-)

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i-me-moi said...

me remember them too ;-)