Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I had a very disturbed sleep yesterday night. In the evening, we got to know that our neighbour's daughter had hung herself at her place. She has left behind two kids and her husband. Her parents are inconsolable. They suspect her husband's role in her death. They feel that he assaulted her and then hung her. It seems he had been ill-treating her for quite some time now. This lady, who passed away yesterday, was a health officer.

I did not know her personally but still her death affected me somewhere. I was just thinking if she had no other way. She, being so educated, could have done something about the circumstances. She could have just walked away if she felt so strangled in the relationship. She could have stayed with her parents anytime. She could have led a good life with her kids. Why this extreme step?

Well, maybe it is easy for me to talk about this and analyse. Maybe she was in a very helpless state. Nobody knows. But the people, who are left behind, are the ones who have to go through pain and anguish. Who are the sufferers here-her meek parents or the helpless, innocent kids???

I am always disturbed by suicide stories. Now a days, you also get to hear students committing suicides because of results. I somehow feel that life is very precious and no problem can be that big that it cannot be solved. There must be some way out for everyone. It is just that we should be patient enough to try to find it. Well, it is easy to preach, isn't it?

Anyways, atleast now, may her soul rest in peace.


Sphinx said...

Now taht i started on your blog, I'd have a peep in whenever time permits. As I said in one of my comments earlier, your blog is very honest.

Don't mean to intrude, but reminds me of my favourite poem by John Donne:

Any man's death diminishes me, for I'm involved in mankind
So, never send to know for whom the bell tolls

Madhooo said...

Thanks for those very,very meaningful lines.