Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Let her live her life

I was watching "Britney: For the Record" the other day. It is a documentary made about Britney's comeback. It sort of felt like a confession time for her. It looked like she wanted to clear many things.

As I sat watching it, I wondered why was I watching it? I am not a Britney fan but I do not hate her. I think her music is ok. At least she gives us some music to dance. I admit that she is a better dancer than a singer. And yes, I have enjoyed watching her music videos.:) But yet, all these reasons do not answer my question. Why was I watching this documentary at all?

I started watching it to see the glimpses of the life of a celebrity. As it progressed, I could feel the vulnerability of a celebrity. And when the documentary ended, I had one thing to say - "Let her live her life". After her first hit, she has been in news all the time. Her private life has been ripped apart by the paparazzi. They have followed her everywhere as if they depended on her for living. Her personal life became major headlines. Her music was not discussed any more.

She has made mistakes; so what? Isn't she a human like us? Does she have to pay this big price for being a celebrity? My heart goes out to her kids who deserve a very normal upbringing. Let her say- Oops, I did it again or Hit me Baby one more time. Let her do anything she wants in her personal life. Let us not judge her private moments. Let only her music catch our attention. Let her live a free life. Let her live her life in peace. Let her live a normal life like we all do.

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