Thursday, November 27, 2008

Terrorists and Heroes

TERRORISTS- They think that they are spreading terror by targetting innocent lives. They think that they are winning the battle by spreading terror.

But do they know - what goes around comes around? Do they know that this inhumane act will cause the same terror to them and their families? Do they know that they could have been great warriors if they had fought for peace? Do they know that their lives would be meaningful if they had spread happiness and peace instead of terror? It is such a pity that they are sacrificing others' and theirs' lives for a worthless cause. It is a pity that they do not know that they are targetting themselves.

May God show them the right way to live life.


HEROES- We pay our respects to those selfless people who have lost their lives defending the innocent ones. We thank them for upholding humanity and for fighting the evil. They are the clear winners in this battle against terrorism. Salute to these people who save lives by their bravery and fight for peace. They are definitely our heroes.

May God give all the courage and hope to the families of the Mumbai police who sacrificed their lives in these terrorists attacks.

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