Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Titbits of 18th December

I have added two more links to my favorite blogs list.

"Kamat's Potpourri" has been one of my inspirations to start a blog. This site is a mini encyclopedia by itself. It contains so many diverse topics so I don't think anyone reading it would be bored anytime. I have been reading it since few years now. Yep, I should have added the link before. Well, better late than never.:)

"Aamir's blog" has been one of my favorite stops recently. Of course, Aamir Khan has always been my favorite actor. We get to know more of him as an individual through his posts. It is good to see that his posts are frank and unmasked. Trust Aamir to do something different.:)


There are so may things that I wanna blog about. Everytime I see something fascinating, I immediately think that I should blog about it. But as soon as I sit to write a new post, my mind goes blank. Writers' block, huh?:) Anyways, looks like mental notes of things are not enough. I need to put them into writing soon.


Guess what? I got a copy of "The Appeal" by John Grisham at the library. The best thing is that it is his latest novel and I am excited about reading it. Lemme read it and tell you how I enjoyed it. Okay, lemme find my packet of chips and juice and the book of course.:)

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